Just Another Naughty Week in Second Life

Today’s post is a compilation of some stuff that happened in the course of the week in no particular order. Non of them was enough for an individual post, nevertheless keep reading its quite interesting anyway.

1. The Sex Exam

Sex Lessons in Saratoga Springs
Sex Lessons in Saratoga Springs

Those of you who follow my and Catherine Palen‘s post, certainly remember her post on watching one of my sex lessons. Last week the guy came back to me for more. He felt he needed some advise and practice with Tenderlove, which he recently bought.

„Is it more theoretical instructions you are seeking or having sex with me“, I asked quite straight forward. „Bit of both would be nice“, he replied. Said and done had him over to my new place in Saratoga Springs and made myself another 2.000 L$.

Actually, the main learning he took home, was a bit of technical knowledge and the awareness that he does not need any more lessons. I told him the truth when I said:

„You are doing better than most guys here, you don’t need any more lessons, maybe a bit of practise and your just fine“.

A day later, I met him again at the office. I must have dropped a comment, such as „your looks might need a little upgrade though“. Actually he seemed very concerned about that all of a sudden, and suggested that I help him getting it right. He even paid me 4.000 L$ for my time.

Shopping at Redgrave
Shopping at Redgrave

You can imagine what that means. I took him on an (for him) exhausting shopping trip around Second Life. He bought it all: mesh body, shape, skin, eyes. Actually having said that, I need to get to buy himself an animation over-rider as well, forgot about that one. We finished the day with a bit of dancing at Big Daddy’s 80-ties music club.

2. The Client who keeps disappearing

This is a strange one. This is a strange one. A regular reader from this blog contacted me to have sex with me. Not an issue at all, I get often new clients that way. This one however crashes everytime in the middle of fucking me.

This time he gave me the 2.000 L$ right upfront, jsut in case it happens again. And guess what: it did happen again. I feel next time I should give him a free one, so he finally comes to an end.

3. The Dirty Talk Voice Lounge

Yes I became curious. I never did actually use much voice in Second Life until now. I feel its too much real life involvement and sort off kills the immersion. So now I finally made to at least check a voice sex place out.

I did not do anything there myself. But was watching, yet listening to this very exhibitionist couple at the place. Admittedly , it was somewhat arousing. Well, maybe I give this a try myself soon.

4. Uwe cuming for completion

He came over to my place to celebrate the transfer of the remaining L$ to complete the one million L$ he committed to. What to him means, doing it in the appropriate format.

Not hard to guess, is it?

5. Finding land for our corporate office and studio

That was a difficult task. The first one I got did not work out because I kept missing the invitation of the real estate company to join the land group. Unfortunately they kept ignoring my mails and IMs until just recently. Too bad for them, that I found an alternative option. Its actually on the adult continent Zinga, at a road and comes with good service from a nice Australian guy and around 3.000 prims. Construction started already. I will report when it is ready to officially open.

6. Love on first sight?

This one was strange. A guy found my profile on sin tracker, which is really a rapeplay hud. He came over to the office and claimed to be totally in love with me.

No intention to rape me, but a lot of sweet talk instead. He even asked me to actually partner him, get married to him. He was very insistive and persuasive. Insisted on a hug (not sex, just a hug that is). Nothing wrong with a hug I thought and made him that little favour.

Of course, I explained to him , that I am not the type to get into that kind of relationship quickly. The fact that I actually star in porn movies and work as an escort, did not bother him at all. Thank god he crashed all of a sudden. I hope this one doesn’t turn into my first ever stalker in Second Life.

7. Playing naughty at the office

This one got it is own space. Check it out here: naughty.

8. Meeting the mystery man again.

You probably remember the story about my client, who sees me on an ALT because he is married. The the post the mystery man and sex on the dance floor for reference.

He is actually very wealthy and spends a lot of money on a club in Second Life, which is not profitable and probably never will be. He actually stated himself: “I would be better off, giving you the money. Chances of getting some kind of return on investment would be far better”. We talked about it in my new bath. He seems to be inclined to also invest a Million L$ in my new venture. That would be fantastic, because we could scale the business really fast with yet another cash injection!

9. Leo

It felt somewhat weird when Leo came over the other day. Due to different online times and other real life reasons, we have not seen each other for ages.

I showed him the house and we started talking about, whether or not we have seen or dated somebody else in the meantime. He actually said, he was dating sombody else, but doesn’t work very well,  because of online times and time difference. Basically the same problem as he had with me.

Afterwards, I was thinking: isn’t that something people typically ask their ex-partners or at least somebody they have not seen for some time, but consider dating them? I know, he had a bit a crush on me, when we first met and started to spend time together, but now he seems a bit distant, no idea why it is that way.

I said with tongue in cheek: “I am not dating anybody, I mean who would date someone like me anyway, an escort girl and porn producer!”.

“Me”, he replied.

I didn’t know what to say. First time in my Second Life, that I was kinda perplex. So I quickly ended the conversation, using RL as an excuse (Yeah, I know, how lame is that!).

Maybe I should go out with him again and see what happens, what you think?

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