New York, New York!

New York, New York!

What is the best place in the real world for Christmas shopping? No prices for the correct answer: New York of course.

Today I met Andres at Sunset Beach. This beach is really a good place to get to know people, works for me at least. The funny thing is: He is into aviation in Second Life. As you know from previous articles I am hooked on the subject flying now. Strange co-incidence isn’t it? I just started to get into flying planes and suddenly I walk into a pilot at my favorite beach.

Andres lives in virtual New York. No it’s not a replica of the real New York, but it has a similar feel to it and it’s a great place for all of you SL-shopping addicts.

First he invited me into his apartment in this New York Region for a glass of Champaign. If you look at the pictures you might wonder why I am wearing so little. Its not what you think. I simply didn’t change from beach wear to normal yet when we TP-ed to his place.

It is a small but very nicely done fully furniture apartment, and the best thing about it is: It’s totally free of charge. For those that wonder why a sim owner would provide free apartments, that is easy to explain: The more traffic a region has, the more likely it is that the owner can rent out the shops, simple as that. It’s a clever marketing strategy to get people to the region. A dead sim is no good to somebody who wants to open a shop, is it?

After a while we decided to have a look around in the street. So I put my street outfit on and of we went. The mall (that is basically what it is) hosts a nice variety of cool shops. You can buy dresses, skins, underwear and there is even a little art gallery. There is also at least one dance club available and some other places to hang out.

Have look yourself, here is the taxi:

I was actually wondering why this guy is not trying to get me into his bed. Most people at least would try a little flirting to test the water so to speak. Nothing! Not the slightest attempt. So I asked him the question: “I am curious, why do you not try to sleep with me”?

The answer was a funny story. A couple of weeks ago he had some kind of a traumatic shock. He went out to a discotheque and was approached by a girl. First for a dance, but later she insinuated to “go to a more private place”.

So he took her home, and there she got undressed with obvious sexual intentions. But when she was naked he realized:

she has got a penis!

He did not go back to that club for three months and ever since he is somewhat more careful about the matter instead of getting  intimate with a complete stranger on a first date. Sound advise that is!

Interesting way to learn the lesson and I thought this to be soooo funny, I had to share it with you.



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