Noob Benny The book Store Owner and a Virtual Coitus Interruptus

When I first met Benny I first thought he simply wanted to chat me up for a fuck.


Because it was at a typical pickup place  called Orgasms, one of the most popular adult places in Second Life.

It went like this at first:

Benny: Hi!
Jessica : Hello

Benny : Having fun?
Jessica: Laggy as fuck here.

Benny : Too much people, and plenty of videos on the screens…Do you want to go to the beach? In a more quiet place? For a walk or a talk or wherever you want to?

Typical isn’t it? We ended up having a good talk anyway.

Jessica: well, i am jumping around busy adult places to find advertising space.

Benny : Why? Oh! You work for SL?
Jessica: Noooo, I work for SLA Media, a Second Life adult publisher.

Benny : What do you do for them?
Jesssica: Sales and marketing inworld.

Benny : And do you earn real money for that? Or it is just a SL thing?Jessica: Its about real money yes.

I left the place and teleported back to the office. We continued in PM. I eventually invited him over, as he was curious what I do. What my job is actually all about.


I did send him the Taxi.

Jessica: So, this is our showroom, the place we advertise all over busy adult sims. We promote here an online sex game from an important advertiser. Every time somebody signs up for the game I get a commission. That’s how I make money in Second Life.

Benny : Now, to your work, it seems a little hard!

Jessica: Well that happens actually quite often (pun intented).

Not that hard, as long as I get to talk to people or as long as people actually . Of course, I have to explain a lot about the game and I also meet our customers in the game to help them getting started.

And yes, that actually includes fucking me.

Benny : Well… My time for today is up. Thank you! It was nice to talk with you!
Jessica: You have set times for Second Life?

Benny : In RL I am at work, and my turn is over. I’m a self work, and have a bookstore. : And it’s time to close!
Jessica: But you haven’t got to leave actually unless you want too!

We added each other on the friends list and he left! I thought that was odd. If he is the owner of the store. He can stay there even when it is closed.

Gone. Eventually I forgot about it.

A week later I saw him online again. We started talking again. I told him I am researching regions for my next blog post at the moment. That  was the one about the most popular adult places in Second Life.

Benny : Oh! And how is it going?

Jessica: very well, I have enough material for it now. I researched which are the most popular adult places in sl. Also placed adverts on all of them.
Benny : Oh! What were your conclusions?

Jessica: Well people seem to like the afk sex places. They are very busy.  Rape play is popular too. What kind of places do you visit when you are looking for sex in sl, other than the one I met you at?

Benny: Well, I have one island with some interesting spots. I prefer the ones almost with no one around! I’m a little shy, even in here! Do you want to me to show you those places? Just to show…
Jessica: Ok, give me a minute to get dressed. Beach wear I guess?

Jessica: Thats a nice beach, still loading though.

Benny:This place is perfect for some soft sex, not that hard that is easy to find in SL. In here couples could lay down and cuddle a little! Do you want to see more?

He gave me the tour so to speak. Explained where you can do what. This region is really a very pretty place. Up the hill there is a small village consisting of nice fully furnished cottages. My guess was that this is (or used to be) some sort of role play environment.

See yourself:

We did sit down on a sofa. He started reading my blog. This actually made him start talking about his own sex experiences in Second Life. He apparently runs into weird people, I can tell you.

Benny talks about his sexperience
Benny talks about his sexperience

Hence I asked him what he is actually looking for in Second Life.

Jessica: So what is it YOU are looking for?
Benny : That is complicated. Do you have time?

Jessica: Well try explaining!
Benny : I’m married and my wife, since the first day doesn’t like sex! I accepted that! My love for her is bigger than that!  She knows that I seek for porn on the internet! She doesn’t mind.

But I got bored of porn, always the same, fake, baby dolls, without flaws. I was a mIRC user back in the 90’s, and give it a go in SL. Here I am. Just been here for fun, just that!

Jessica: Basically you are here for sex.
Benny : Yes!

Jessica: Haha,  I do that a lot too. But if that is the main attraction you probably would be better off in 3dxchat,  which is all about sex.

Benny : I know, but I don’t want to pay for it! And it isn’t always about sex, sometimes I would love to have a simple chat, like this one that we are having! Listen… it’s about time to go.  I will read your blog!

Jessica: You know what. Lets book a hotel next time and have some fun.
Benny : That’s a great idea!

We left it like that  that and he went off

I basically had yet another sex date. I think a man who sticks to an asexual wife deserves a little treat, doesn’t he?

Another week went by until we talked again:

Benny : How are you? I’ve read your blog!
Jessica: very well , good hope you enjoyed it

Benny : Very! It has really hot content!
Jessica: all stuff i did in SL and 3dxchat

Benny : Notice that!  I’m not that naughty.
Jessica: haha not yet

Benny : I’m a little more sensitive. I do not like to treat women in a bad way. I can’t understand rough sex.
Jessica: depends on my mood actually

Benny : Well in here the limits are endless. How things work in 3dxchat? Is there only rough sex?
Jessica: Oh no, there is any type you want haha

Benny : I’ll be gone for 30 minutes… But be right back!

And off he went, yet again.

This is going to be complicated, I thought. When he came back later he continued:

Benny : How about an article about sex in nature?  Some days ago you thought in writing one…I’m a little curious about it.
Jessica: Ah yes, haven’t done that yet, but might have something on a beach haha

Benny : This week I discovered one place in the clouds, were you can dance… It’s so beautiful!  I had a date there, we talk for lots of time and we ended in a cave doing sex… It was like a dream!  She said that place was popular… I know I’m new in SL, only 3 weeks, but I’ve see that one! If you want I would be glad to show you!

He had to leave again for some time. I started to wonder, why is that?

Benny : A customer showed up. Still available?
Jessica: You are in the bookshop I guess.

Benny : Yes! :-), from time to time have to attend my customers.
Jessica: so you can’t do naughty stuff then haha

Benny : Yes, my computer it’s in the office, and my customers can’t see what I’m doing. I wanted to show you a very beautiful place!  Where we can dance in the clouds, and get ready for some naughtiness…

And I was reading your blog, too! Your texts are very hot! I can’t stop reading them!
Jessica: haha thanks. Which one is your favorite?

Benny: The one which you describe as you become hot and hotter while you wait to get fucked.
Jessica: Oh yes i did enjoy that one haha.

Benny : I started to imagine that, and it was…something! Oh and the way you describe your quickies!  All of them are very creative!
Jessica: Did you read the latest one, the fuck in the office?

Benny : Yes, very good. For a very short moment I imagined that here in my store… In the back I have a little office with 2 tables…Guilty, I have a very naughty mind!
Jessica: Nothing wrong with that.

Benny : I must confess that found a little weird that place where a girl could be raped in the city… but nobody showed up to really do it!  But every one asked you if you want to fuck! That was funny, I must confess!

Jessica: Yes, one of the most popular sex places is a rape play place. Does something like that turn you on?

Benny : No…I’m a little old fashioned. I prefer a little talk, like this one, first, and then see what comes next! All with mutual consent.I know, I’m boring!
Jessica: a classic romantic.

Benny : A little bit, yes!
Jessica: Haha and not into spontaneous quickies either?

Benny : Sex in public not so much… but quickies! That is very hot! I must confess one thing: One strong fantasy I have is to make it in the nature!
Benny : Sorry, a customer!

Gone again!

Next time we met, was on that region he wanted to show me. It is called Mount Everest. In the meantime, I had changed the look of my avatar substantially. He noticed that and said I look much prettier now.

Suddenly he didn’t respond anymore. Probably AFK with a customer again. So I had a look around the place on my own until he would be back.

He had to leave again. I thought, this is not going to get anywhere soon, when he is on and off all the time.

Next time I had to take action!

Jessica: I had an idea.
Benny : Yeah? What?

Jessica: Oh and you are in the store right? There you can not really enjoy fully when being naughty  in sl

Benny : Yes you’re right! But in lunch break. It could be different!  Different from being at work, always ready for a customer to come in!

Jessica: I found a great place you will like. You told me you like being in nature right? Want to see that place?  Oh and when are those lunch breaks?

Benny : 3 hours from  now! And it will be 90 minutes. Of break time!  You were about to show me that special place of yours.

Jessica: Yep.  You could close the store for 20 minutes.

I was waiting for him laying naked on a rug in a huge forest. A truly beautiful sim, with lots of nature.

Waiting for a fuck in the forest
Waiting for a fuck in the forest

Benny : You’re here! Naked…
Jessica: here we go a huge forest and naturist place which means nude is ok here

Benny : It’s very beautiful.
Jessica: Put the sun on midnight it is even better then

Benny : The sounds, the grass, the trees! It’s perfect! Oh the river! Thank you so much! It goes to my favourites, if you don’t mind, of course!
Jessica: Hmm when a customer comes in he can see you?

Benny : No, I’m back in the office, with door open, but with my laptop with the screen only to me. So, I’m totally not exposed.

Jessica: /me starts caressing his legs with her fingertips


Jessica: and you could even touch yourself 🙂

Benny : Yes, of course! It will be a little hard if someone comes in and I’m hard, like now…

Jessica: /me smiles and leans forward touches his cock. Takes it in her hand and starts massaging it , feels how it gets hard in her hand

Benny : Oh! And my body shakes at every stroke, every touch, feeling your soft hand, and looking into your eyes, and seeing your beauty.

Benny : You’re so very pretty!

Jessica: /me pushes him back wards, leans over him and takes his cock in her mouth, starts massaging its head with her tongue in small circles.

Blow Job
Blow Job

Benny : Oh, and that feels so good!  You’re being so gentle, and your mouth so warm and wet….

Jessica: /me finally starts sucking on it eagerly and lets it go into her warm mouth, firmly enclosing it with her wet lips

Benny : Oh baby, yes…. I hold your hair and move it a little hard and feel all your mouth. y : And that feels so good!

Jessica: /me whilst sucking on it she wanks his hard shaft up and down.

Benny : With your body so well fitted between my legs, I can feel all your body, so hot, that is so good…

Jessica: /me starts sucking on him faster, caressing his tummy and pressing her tits against his leg.

Benny : Ohhh, you’re so soft. Benny : Harder, harder! Oh my God.

Jessica: /me whispers in between: Want to take me?
Benny : More than ever!

Jessica: Do it.
essica: /me tasting his precum.

Jessica: /me presses her hips against his hard cock eagerly expecting him to take her. Then out loud in the dark forest as she feels his cock penetrating her body.

Benny : Oh my, and then I take you in my lap, and fuck you so hard…Feeling you hair around my face, as you mount in my dick!

That is so good! Your nipples so hard…

Jessica: Yes, fuck me hard.
Jessica: /me rides his cock hard up and down , smashing her ass every time at his strong body, her pussy dripping, making his body wet too.

Jessica: let me turn around

Jessica: (do it real?)

Jessica: (afk I guess hihi)

No answer! I was waiting 15 minutes then:

Jessica: Ok I move on, you probably have customers, we finish this another time 🙂

Classic virtual Coitus Interruptus – Gone just before cuming

Next I got an off-line messge a few days later.

Benny : Oh dear..So so sorry! But suddenly enter 4 clients at the same time!  Sorry Jess!

Jessica I’m so grateful with the gift you gave me!  Thank you so much! And once again, sorry! When I’m at the store it’s a little complicated to stay available… When I went to assist a customer, it was a little hard for me. I was really excited, hope he didn’t notice…

It was perfect in every way, except the customer interruption… If wasn’t the fact I wear large clothes someone would notice in me boned very hard!

Would be funny if at the moment he cums a client enters the store!

To be continued. Stay tuned if you want to know, if this will have an happy end(ing).


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