Onboarding a new customer in 3dxchat

“My name is Kevin by the way”, he said catching breath again, after he just shot his load into my pussy. “I am Jess”, I replied laughing, “I hope you enjoyed yourself!”

“I did”; he confirmed, “It was so much better than sex in Second Life, I hope we can repeat this one day”.

We certainly will. I have to make sure our customers are happy.

In fact, we lost quite a substantial number of 3dxchat subscribers, simply because they got bored or didn’t get laid. Especially those subscribers who pay on a monthly basis need to be entertained.

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Kevin is a new subscriber. I met him on social island. I really was looking for noobs to introduce them to sex in Second Life when Kevin approached me.

After a bit of chatting, I mentioned that I am also in 3DXChat.

“What is that?” he inquired.

I sent him the link to the landing page.

“Very interesting, I give this a try for a month, looks like fun.” – My easiest sale ever.

But the job is not done yet at this point.

3DXChat hasn’t got a user search facility. Which means I can only put my new subscribers on my friends list, after I have met them at least once ingame.

I talked him through the signup and installation process of the 3DXChat viewer. Once he was all set, we agreed to meet right now at a music club called Fresco in 3DXChat.

Club Fresco in 3DXChat
Club Fresco in 3DXChat

There are currently 7 general locations in the game. You find them when clicking on “select location”. The one in the middle is the link to Fresco.

Just like everybody who comes from Second Life to 3DXChat he had a hard time at first to get used to the way you move in 3DXchat. It is actually not difficult, but because it is different to what we are used too, you will need a few minutes to learn.

“Have you seen your new home yet?” I asked.

No, he didn’t know he had one actually. Everybody who starts in 3DXChat gets (included in the monthly fee) a piece of private land. On that land you have a fully furnished villa on the beach.

Hence we all have the same home to start with. However, just like in Second Life you can build whatever you want on your parcel. Limited just by your imagination.

I showed him around in his new home. Last stop of the tour: the bedroom. I changed before I came to his place and was wearing very sex lingerie at this point.

“You want to see how sex works here as well?” I asked with tongue in cheek.

“Of course, that’s what we here for, right?”

I explained:

To have sex with somebody you first need to choose somebody as your partner. The way you do that is, simply click on the avatar, a menu opens and you choose “partner”.

Oh course you should not send random partner requests, so-called “colds”. That is as annoying as random friendship requests in Second Life, unless you are at a place where colds are explicitly allowed or even encouraged.

Once you are (temporarily) partnered, you have a lot of different animations in your sex menu. Choose one and simply click on the bed, sofa or simply on the ground. You partner will be prompted with a request to join you.

That’s how we ended up laying on his bed with him.


Of course I didn’t leave it at this. Smiling cheekily I sat over him , started to grind over him, teasing him.

“Oh my god you are so sexy”. He was obviously very excited.


“Let me show you how much fun this can be”, I suggested and without hesitation, helped him out of his pants and started to wank his hardening cock.

This is how it went:

Want to try this yourself?

Follow this link (points to the advert) and get started!

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

Let me know your user name once you are in. You are entitled to some personal customer care. 😉


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