Fuck Around the Clock Tonight – Online Sex Game 3DXChat

Fuck Around the Clock Tonight – Online Sex Game 3DXChat

My regular readers know, I am exploring the online sex game 3DXChat at the moment. 3DXChat is a sex centered virtual world, where people come with pretty explicit intentions. Hence the reason it is easy to get into sexual adventures in 3DXChat. In fact you could fuck around the clock if you wanted. During my explorations, I always, every single time, I ended up getting fucked, literally. Here some examples:

Sex in the Toilet

I thought it might be fun, trying the virtual toilet in the 3DXChat Nightclub. Not that it is arousing in any shape or form, but I thought it to be funny. However, whilst I was sitting there, I noticed a guy in front of another seat. Curious as I am, I got closer, to see what he is doing there. He was wanking actually. Suddenly he realized that I am standing there and asked me: „Hey, you like what you see?“

„Hmm, not to bad“, I replied and continued:“You need some help?“. Instead of waiting for his answer, I took his cock in my hand and started gently massaging him. He was already horny and excited as hell and took me there and then, hard, fast, furious until we both climaxed. The circumstance that it happened in a public toilet of a crowded music club made it even more exciting. Expecially as I emoted sometimes in local chat by accident.

After this, we simply dressed, went back to the dance-floor as if nothing had happened.

Sex on the Beach

Another hour of the day, I was exploring the beach in 3DXChat. I saw this island in front of the coast and decided to swim there and explore the island. Very small but super pretty, the right place to make some screen-shots, showing the beauty of the graphic work in this place. Not enough though. I stumbled across this couple having sex on the beach. The did not feel disturbed at all, instead they asked me: “Hey, do you like women too?” “Oh yes I do indeed”, I affirmed, which was followed by an invitation to join them.

Sex on a Party

This one is really slutty. There are private parties in some of the players apartments. I visited one of those and fucked my way through half of the guest, right there in front of everybody else.

Sex at my Place

This guy I actually met in the Disco Club Fresco. He walked into the place, saying something like: “Oh, love at first sight”. He was referring to me. We talked there a while about all sort of stuff. About my blog, about Second Life, and so on. In evidently we ended up a bit more intimate and I invited him to my apartment, where I fucked the living daylight out of his brains. He actually confirmed that he also did cum in real, which according to him, doesn’t happen that often to him.

Hey, anybody here who is active in 3DXChat? Please share your stories here, I am really looking forward to read about your experiences.

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    Aaron (amc39) 2 years

    I always look for you when I’m on but I despair of ever seeing you.

  • comment-avatar
    Mikeismike 1 year

    Thanks for the pictures. I have some of the best available animations in SL and still despair of penises poking my lover in the ear. I cant imagine leaving SL for what 3DX has to offer but will visit to see the graphics. Perhaps LL will improve a little faster!

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