A Day on Paradies SexBeach

I know, I should actually continue the different story-lines I started. The Slave girl of Gor is still pending, my under cover escort story is kinda abandoned and the vampire stuff deserves some more attention from me too.

But today I was in sexbeach mood. Nathan was online too, so we went to a place called: Paradise sex beach. No, we did not, to answer the question in your minds. Yes you did think that, I know my readers by now. He did not have much time, due to RL commitments. Hence all we did was a bit of dirty dancing on the beach and chat along.

paradies beach_002

After he had left, I decided to explore the sim and make some pictures for you. The region is actually a bit of a mix. Some parts and the overall layout are not really that special. Looks a bit like somebody has thrown stuff randomly on a simplistic beach region.

However it has some really nice highlights such as a fully scripted and nicely done bar area. I like the thought of sitting and chating there and if you get in the mood for more than that: well, you can do it there and then.

paradies beach_007

Also this van in the sand I found very interesting. There is a fireplace in front of it for chating, socializing and if you feel like getting steamy, you just jump in the back of the van. Very funny!

paradies beach_004

This is the inside of the “Orgy Cave”. Mind you, thats sounds naughty. The menu caters for all kind of combinations up to 7 people.

paradies beach_011

Then something really amazing happened. There are more than 20.000 Regions in Second Life but it had to be here and now when my old friend Tristan appeared in front of me, whom I haven’t seen since my post a blast from the past. He was there for a ride. No, not me – a jet ski. „Come on, jump on the backseat for a little tour“, he said and second later we were going at an amazing speed through the water.

paradies beach_014

He actually upgraded his looks a little too, very sexy I would say.

He says he would like to meet me again more often and to have some fun together, but I guess that means every three months for 10 minutes ( /me laughs).

Well, lets see what happens.

Here some

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