Hot Photo Session on the Beach

Hot Photo Session on the Beach

Some time ago I met Sky. Sky is a photographer in Second Life. He owns a small gallery for erotic pictures. I never got around to actually visit his gallery, until the other day. However for a change, i will tell you the story which unfolded using his words and his pictures.

Here we go:

It was a rare treat for Sky when the famous SL diarist Caroline Resident dropped by his gallery recently. Caroline seemed interested in the pentacle on the top floor of the Gallery of Venus. Sky was more interested in a glimpse of Caroline’s delicious pussy.



He was sweating when she suggested a photo-shoot on the beach. They rendezvoused at Caroline’s favorite beach. She looked utterly beautiful.



Sky’s camera clicked away as Caroline began to slip off her clothes. At last Caroline dropped her bra and Sky feasted on the sight of her sexy petite tits. By the time Caroline was nude, Sky was naked too, and desperately horny. Caroline treated Sky to a sexy nude dance.



For a moment Sky wondered if Caroline was tempted by other eager men, who were starting to form a queue. Caroline teased the lusting men with her sexy bum wiggles. Sky would usually have been excited by a threesome, but his need was so urgent he wanted Caroline for himself, this time.  Caroline’s sexy butt captivated Sky and he thought of nothing else than fucking her himself.



Sitting down, Sky was relieved to feel the caress of Caroline’s soft hands, soothing but so arousing. Caroline laid Sky on his back and gently stoked his forehead. Caroline pretended not to notice Sky’s arousal as she teasingly avoided touching his aching erection.



Turning the tables, Sky sat Caroline down and fingered her tingling pussy. She squirmed with pleasure.



Sky lay on his back and licked Caroline’s wet slit, while she masturbated his throbbing phallus. Before she knew it, Sky forced his cock into Caroline’s pussy and fucked her like a beast.



As Caroline thrashed her legs in ecstasy, Sky brought his lover to orgasm with his practiced tongue. It was Caroline’s turn to pleasure Sky. She’s began to play his flute, like a pro.



Sky stood, blissed out, while his seated lover took him to new heights of delight. Next Sky pulled Caroline down on his engorged cock and made her ride him like she’d ride a sybian.



Then Sky thrust his lover down, spread her thighs wide apart, and fucked her pussy deep and hard. Overcome with lust, Sky thrust into Caroline, harder and faster until he ejaculated deep inside her.



Caroline’s legs dangled helplessly around Sky’s shoulders as he continued fucking her, like a whore with time left on the clock. They both came again as Sky doggied Caroline roughly.



When they were both spent, their faces nuzzled and they kissed like lovers do. Caroline’s silky soft skin felt so good against Sky’s naked body.



The two lovers caressed long into the evening. hey watched the moon come up, luxuriating in each others arms.





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    Sexy and romantic. Wonderful!

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