How to chat up girls using a maitreya mesh body

„I think you could do with a new skin“.

That was Harvey’s opening line, when he saw me at Orgasms, one of the most popular sex pick up places in Second Life.

Very „charming“ I thought and answered: „What is wrong with this one? I like it actually, especially the little freckles in the face.“

He explained:

„Yes it is nice. But it doesn’t match the skin tone of your Maitreya body. Most system skins do not actually. When you are dressed, it is not that obvious, but if somebody zooms on you closer, or when you are naked there is a discrepancy between the skin of your body and the skin of your face.“

He was right. This actually always did bother me a little. I got used to it though.

I thought there is not much I can do about it, other then spending hours trying to match the body tone to my Redgrave skin. Nowadays system skins come actually with what is called an applier. That is a hud, which allows you to apply the skin to your mesh body. System skins (like mine) are getting rare nowadays, as many Second Life residents changed already to mesh bodies.

Harvey came up with a surprising solution.

All you girls on the grid using Maitreya mesh bodies, read carefully:

“I actually know which designer made the original skin tones for the Maitreya mesh body. It is “Glam Affairs”. They typically sell skins made for Maitreya mesh bodies with mesh heads. All their skins are available in each Maitreya mesh body tone.”

He explained.

Maitreya mesh bodies come with 10 standard skin tones.

He invited me to the store of Glam Affairs. And yes it was true, there were hundreds of different skins and each one was available in all 10 standard Maitreya mesh body tones.

Amazing. That must have been a lot of work. But there was a catch. All their skins are for mesh body AND mesh head avatars. Poor me just has a regular system head.

I told him my concerns. He smiled. “I know, “ he said, “but there is a little trick to this”.

I was all ears!

“Glam Affairs sometimes sells or even gives away skins for system heads at certain events. There are some resellers who pick up those skins and offer them on marketplace. Let me find you one. All it takes is to type into search, glam affair system skin.”

He found me nice skin with freckles in the exact Maitreya mesh body tone I am (now) using (Jamaica). He even paid for it. Very nice.

Time to make some adjustments. Not in the shop of course, that is an absolute no-go in Second Life (@noobs: remember that one, please!). We want to his apartment instead.

“Get naked, “

So I did and I said: “ Hey, wait a minute , is that your trick to pick up girls and get them out of their cloth?”

He smiled and said: “Fuck, you are hot”.

So there I was. Sitting naked in the city apartment (a quite nice loft style skybox) of a man I just recently got to know on a pick up place.

A good looking guy actually. Sexy body, nice skin, everything matching perfectly. He is working as a model, I learned later on.

Not a client, not a noob yet to be taught, jsut a stranger I just met. Very unusual for me given my history. I must admit, it was arousing. Standing there naked, him observing me, looking at my body in all detail.

I tried on my new skin and the result was amazing. I really liked my new look.

He commented on my pussy: “Take that VAW pussy of, you are much better off with the original Maitreya mesh body one, with a bit of an adjustment.”

I couldn’t believe I am talking to a stranger about my pussy. It felt very intimate though and did turn me on a little more.

He bought me some trimmed, light pubic hair, which I could wear as tattoo layer. And yes, it was true, this looked much more realistic and has the advantage that I don’t have to match colors again.

He took pics of my new look. Whilst sitting with him on the sofa. For that purpose he took his shirt off, exposing his sexy body to me. Believe me, a good looking guy taking nude pics of you, is definitely a turn on.

I took the initiative.

I smiled and got closer. Without asking I opened his pants, took his already hardening cock in my hand and started sucking him. By then I knew this did turn him on as much as it did me.

“I assume this is what you wanted all the time,” I asked with a cheeky smile on my face.
“From the minute I saw you saw, Jess”.

It had to happen, don’t you think so?

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