The Mystery Man and Sex on the Dance Floor

The Mystery Man and Sex on the Dance Floor

Yesterday I met Tom. Actually his name isn’t Tom, but as I can not reveal his identity I have chosen to call him Tom for this article. The reason for this is the fact that he is a well known married successful businessman in Second Life. There is actually a great story behind this, and I feel really sad that I can not share it with you at all. Hence he will always be the mysterious man in my Second Life Adventures. The one who shall not be named!

Anyway, Tom is one of my few regulars who were invited to join my flat rate program. I wrote about that before here: Flat rate for escort services. Actually after a “test drive”, but that is another story.

Yesterday he took me out dancing at a great place I have not known of before. It is a dance club in a massive piano.


Sex wasn’t on his to do list this time. Tom simply enjoys my company. A good intelligent talk, dancing, fun, that sort of thing.

However, a little later the conversation moved towards sex anyway. I guess that doesn’t come as a surprise to you. He told me about this fantasy of his, being on a public dance floor, moving with his dance partner in a darker area, lift her skirt a little, take his cock out of his pants sliding into her prepared wet pussy from behind, making love in the rhythm of the dance without anybody around realizing what is going on. Slowly, quietly, discreetly moving towards climax having a difficult time to hide the arousal and increasing excitement, suppressing any moans or facial expressions of fervor.

I found the idea tempting, exciting. Plus I was wearing my black mini-dress with nothing under it. As if I had known, that this is going to happen. We danced quite some time in slow motion to music from „Martini in the Morning“, me massaging his hard cock with my thighs until he finally penetrated me slowly and continued to move in the rhythm of the music (I know this will turn on Cathy).

After a while we were so horny and excited that we were not able to finish it there and then. We took the TP-Taxi and went to his place. Just arriving he pulled me on his bed, took me in desperate need, fucking me twice, passionate and wild until he laid beside me exhausted but relaxed, released, empty.

This one will go on the list of my top ten sex adventures.

Probably most of my female married readers are now a bit uneasy, are you not?  Yes, could be YOUR husband. What would you do if you found out your husband had some sort of  affair with a well known escort girl?

Tell me in the comments!

As usual I brought you some pics of the encounter. Not very good ones though, as I was trying to shoot them in a way, that his face can not be seen, so he may not be identified.

Hope you enjoy them anyway:

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    Hi Caroline,
    You guessed right, it turned me on, very! An adventure I would have definitely enjoyed. This is something I have just added to my to-do list. If some of your readers are tempted, let me know!

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