Raising funds with sex

Raising funds with sex

I had an idea for a fun project. I would love to sail around the Second Life mainland. Basically a trip around our virtual world. I want to sail around each and every continent and write about whatever comes my way on this trip.

There is just a little problem. I don’t have a suitable boat yet and the ones I like and would suit the purpose are rather expensive. But hey, I work as an escort girl. It should be possible to make the money I need in the club.

Said and done. This is probaly the juiciest round of financing you ever heard of.

Today I did spend most of my time in the Club and I was lucky! I had two clients today. One did not pay much. He has some kind of deal with the girls, not to pay more than ***Linden for him being a regular. Rebecca told me about that in IM also that if I accept he will be back for more. Ok, so I made an exception from our usual *** Linden rule for a quickie basically. I took him to the “fireplace room” for some very steaming fun. I think he will be back for more – he apparently enjoyed himself very much.

After the encounter, I took the chance to ask him the all important question. The question I am to investigate: “Why going to an escort girl in Second Life, when there are plenty of free sex options around. The answer was actually very simple and to the point: “Its uncomplicated”.

Life can be that easy! Sounds like guys in Second Life go to whores, for the same reason as they would in real life: easy availability, no strings, no drama and no effort required!

The next one, not only that he paid the usual fee, he tipped me after the encounter very generous after I told him what the money is for. He loved the idea that much that he decided to help me funding it by paying me more than usual. Of course I did my best to make him happy too:

 If I have one more day like this, I have saved enough money to start my trip around the virtual world, including the boat and some spending money.

So if there is anyone out there who wants to become an investor in my next story, come to Magic Angels Club and collect your interest!

Here the Taxi:

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    The second guy looks very familiar. He was definitely left very happy! I’d be more than glad to help you raise the remaining finance you need! Hopefully see you inworld soon. Raza

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      send some friends my way :-). No need for you to pay everything on your own 🙂


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        Ziggy Markova 3 years

        Hi i am Ziggy Markova ,I would love to help fund your around the SL Globe ,and hope i am in your next blog , and makes some nice memories with you ,

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          Hi Ziggy

          sure, some travel cash is always handy to have. Contact me In-World carolinstravels or meet me at the Magic Angels club.


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    […] She plans to buy a yacht in SL and sail aroudn the mainland, writing about her travels in her blog. Check out the link and how I played my part in helping her turn the idea into a reality. It was much more fun than running a marathon whilst growing a fancy moustache, as per real life […]

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    Ala 2 years

    very good

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    JanePlainSpain 2 months

    It looks like it has either moved or had gone belly up. I wish I could have seen it.

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      Hello Jane,

      this is a quit old post and Second Life is a fast moving environment. The Magic Angels did actually move to another location. It is no longer an escort club, but a pretty cool music club now. It is still run by the original owners. Simply type M.A.C in search and you find the link.

      I go there occasionally on week ends, if you see me give me a shout! 🙂


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