The Stranger

I moved our office. Why?

First of all because we hardly ever used the old SLA Media presence. Having an impressive building just for having it and paying a lot of money every week doesn’t really make sense.

Secondly, I wanted something a bit more cool. Something that looks like a porn start up. Not something corporate, super-professional. Said and done (I am like that). I got a small parcel on Zindra, the adult continent. Actually not far away from the previous parcel. I did rent that from the same real estate company.

They have tons of parcels on Zindra, and most importantly they are reliable and very helpful. If you ever consider renting on the adult continent, I highly recommend them.

The new location is a simply warehouse. Did you know that all of the big tech companies started like that? In fact Google started in a garage, so did Microsoft. With our new “office” , I intended to create that sort of start up feeling.

This look and feel:

I was putting furniture in the warehouse and trailer pictures of the most recent releases of some porn movies we promote the other day. I was very much focused on that and did not realize at first that somebody entered the warehouse.

He must have been standing there for quite some time observing what I am doing. Once I checked that he is there, I started a conversation. I told him what we do here at SLA Media and such.

I thought he might be a neighbor. I had forgotten that I am actually wearing that SIN Tracker hud all the time. He said: “Isn’t it a bit dangerous here all alone for a good looking woman”. It was then that I realized, he is not a neighbor, he is here to rape me.

Too late.

Seconds later I felt on the floor, lost conscious. (No, not literally, when you drug somebody who wears the sin tracker beacon, your screen goes black and your avatar falls on the ground).

When I woke up again, he already had me forced onto the copy machine. Nothing I could do against. I was under his control.

“I know this is what you want, a stranger coming for you and just take what he needs from you, without asking”, he remarked. Yes, there is some truth in this.

He took of my cloth and got his cock out of his pants. There and then he fucked me, used me, raped me.

When he finished, he simply left without saying a word. I don’t even remember his name I will always remember the first day in the new office.

A very hot experience!

3 thoughts on “The Stranger

    1. Hi Matt,

      what did you install and who do you want to come online Tuesday?
      If you are referring to sin tracker and myself, you need to find me, lure me then capture me.
      Making a date for rapeplay is a bit against the idea, don’t you think so?

      Surprise me, when I least expect it.


      1. Hello again! I meant sin tracker but I don’t know how to use it effectively.
        Any chance can you make a tutorial or how to about capture/lure/role play/what to say/ what to not do etc??

        Thanks sexy

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