Grid Wide Capture and Rape – Rapeplay in Second Life

Grid Wide Capture and Rape – Rapeplay in Second Life

Since a a couple fo month search terms like “RapeLay, rapeplay and similar terms are trending in Google. The reason being is that a Japanese company released yet another sexgame, called “honey select”,  which is from the same makers as the controversial game “RapeLay”. The later, as the name suggests, is about rape. Rapelay was actually a pretty low quality game. Most reviews you find about in the web basically state that is crap. However with Honey Select the company took in on a totally different level.

These are games. Fullstop. You are not interacting with another player as you would in Second Life. You interact with a computer within a predefined story. To me that actually sounds pretty boring. I think a RPG were predator and victim are actually real people, portraying said characters is much more creative, more fun and more diverse.

For those readers who are not on Second Life yet. I suggest you try it because, guess what, there is multi-user rapeplay in Second Life too.

How rapeplay in Second Life works:

It is scripted jeans and skirts which allow you to parttake in capture and rapeplay in Second Life. Basically how it works is this: You wear those cloth and and anyone who clicks on it is able to capture your avatar and have all kind of sex with you. It is even possible to force TP you or put items on you such as hand crafts or blind folds.

What makes it interesting is, that it gives a sense of loosing control and the action becomes much a more realistic rape scenario then just reacting to emotes. Of course the whole thing needs the other elements of role play too, such as emotes and acting out a scene but it gives it that little extra you might have missed bevor.

What best describes it , it this quote I found on the Second Life forums:

Ariel Vuisse says:

As far as being vulnerable for people you don’t know, not knowing when they’ll appear or what they’ll do, I strongly reccommend you take a look at Sassy’s Bad Day products. She makes skirts and jeans that have RLV capability built in and that are designed solely for this purpose. You wear the skirt or jeans, activate the tracker (you will be prompted to do this upon first wear), and those using the tracker item also sold (separately) by Sassy can find you anywhere on the grid (except where you set as home, if you don’t want to be tracked there). You will have no warning. Once they track you and touch your skirt (or tranquilizer dart you), you’re “captured.” Your captor can sit you on poseballs, teleport you wherever he/she wants, and do essentially whatever they want (within your limits – there is a blacklist, so if you have a bad experience, you can prevent that user from capturing you in the future). I am NOT a paid spokesperson for Sassy’s, or in any way associated except as a fan/user; I just think they may meet your needs.

Here is were you can buy it

Here information and tutorials how to use it and how to set it up:

Here what the creator writes himself on marketplace:

Skirt contains a transmitter that will allow predators to locate you and take advantage of you. This skirt and accessories are firmly aimed at those who enjoy kidnap/capture/assault etc role play.

Typical Scenario

Imagine walking along a street, someone steps out of the shadows, grabs the hem of your skirt and sneers, you feel vulnerable, unable to run away. He continues, he gags you, rips off your panties, your bra, your shirt…cuffs you or binds your arms and legs with tape and forces you to kneel or lay down… Your only hope of help is to find someone else nearby to assist, although when they encounter you, skirt up around your waist, cum dripping from you, covered in writing, you may not find them to be as helpful as you first thought…

This is the adventure play that this skirt and accessories will give you. Best results obtained when using Restrained Life Viewer, an identical to use but more exciting viewer, free from Without RLV, I cannot detect or force wear or remove clothing or attachments.

General Use

For the wearer, well you’re the victim, you don’t get to do anything but wear it (smiles)
For everyone else, they can click on the skirt and it will be pushed up around your waist and they will receive a menu. (Please note, there’s no SAFE option, that’s just silly, you don’t get that in real life, don’t expect it here. If you don’t want it to happen, don’t wear the skirt. Having said this, the skirt will automatically not get pushed up or otherwise interact in PG sims.

Note, when the skirt is around your waist, you will be blocked from teleporting and it will not detach, it’s stuck around your waist.

The other party will see a menu: Blindfold, Cuffs, Bindings and Gag are added accordingly and each may have it’s own options depending on whether you use the supplied ones or 3rd party. The supplied ones can be clicked on to invoke the options specific to them.

Blindfold – Blindfolded or not (Wearer will be blocked from seeing location, maps or avatar names and screen will blur)  Cuffs – Cuffs worn on left wrist, click to lock or unlock (Wearer cannot detach) Bindings – Add duct tape bindings, seperate ones for arms and legs, each with it’s own menu. (Wearer will be made to either kneel or lay down, cannot touch far objects and is not permitted to move or detach)  Gag – Wearer is not permitted to detach only whisper (I don’t bother making it garble text, this is a role play gag not intended to be a total lock down BDSM type. Use one of those if you wish.

Clothing that is worn will be offered to be removed (body writing is worn as clothing so will be offered again if that is worn)  Write on – Adds your choice of body writing (it could be any alternate clothing such as pushed aside panties, bra). Force Sit – Yes there’s a force sitter so that your assaulter can throw you onto a pose ball and have their wicked way. 

Finally, having been suitably abused, all you have to do is find someone nearby who you can persuade to click on your skirt and then press the “Help her” menu button. If they do… your outfit will be back to normal and you’ll be all tidied up to go home to mum/dad/boyfriend/husband …on the other hand…they may choose not to be so helpful after all.

RLV Kidnap Sassy’s Bad Day BDTrak Pro

Take part in highly interactive, gridwide capture/forced role play.(Please note: this product delivers an empty box with a script inside. When you rez the box, the actual item will be delivered, please ensure you are in an area where scripts run!)

The Bad Day BDTrak Pro Victim Tracker is a full featured, low lag scripted hud allowing you to track and interact with any Bad Day apparel wearers that have activated their transmitter.

Compatible with the wide range of Bad Day plug-in accessories available in world. You’d need to enable “Adult” to see the other related items but only a fraction of the products are listed here, the rest are in the main shop inworld.

My own rapeplay scenarios in Second Life:

I tested this with Nathan in a house near that sailing club I wrote about in my last article.

Rape Role Play in Second Life


The Next Day – Second Try

This time I activate a feature in the menu which makes tracking possible. It also tells you how many other players are currently logged into the system. I saw 20 men and 18 women using it grid wide. Not many bearing in mind that there are normally at least 60.000 people logged into Second Life at any given moment.

Nothing happened at first. So I decided to go to that sex club I wrote about some time ago. The one for quick sex dates. It didn’t take long and someone send me an IM. We chated a while until he realised I am “usable” so to speak.

He captured me, stripped me and kidnapped me to what appears to be his favourite sex place in Second Life. It was a no-rezz place, but as we discovered , there is a force sit on pose-ball facility in the system. That actually makes it one of the few tools you can use grid wide, regardless of rezzing permissions.

This is how he used me:

Just one little Detail:

After he finished with me he even dressed me up again. But he forgot to take off the hand cuffs. Of course I could simply login with the Second Life Viewer instead of my RLV enable Firestorm and take them off, but If I follow the game I would need to find someone to help me…

Rape in Second Life

Two weeks later: captured and raped again

This time I was sitting on a beach. A couple of people invited me to play “truth or dare” with them. I guess you know what that is and yes, there are tools available to play truth or dare in Second Life. Basically its a scripted sign which tosses out random questions or random dares into open chat – usually of erotic nature. It was very entertaining and I made a couple of new friends including a very attractive bisexual girl.

After a while one after the after of the group left and finally I was alone sitting on that beach. This is when it happened. Suddenly this stranger rezzed right in front of me. He had tracked me using the Sassy tracker. At this moment I had totally forgotten that I am actually wearing the script.

Immediatly he captured me and as I have RLV enabled on my firestorm viewer, there was nothing I could do against that. He force-TP-ed me to a skybox, featuring a luxury apartment. He told me that it was his Second Life girl friends apartment. He goes on the hunt for victims whenever she is not online. The possibility of getting caught at her place seams to add to his excitment.

There he striped me, fucked me, used me. When he  finished, he simply dressed again and left without saying much. I have to admit, there is something exciting even arousing about this experience.

Here some pics:

Rape Role Play in Second Life

Rape Role Play in Second Life

Rape Role Play in Second Life

Rape Role Play in Second Life

Rape Role Play in Second Life



Anyone of my readers has this tool already? If so tell me about your experience! Share the story here in the comments!





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    ash 4 years

    Caroline where are you? I would love to meet you in world..I am Ash wizardly Please do IM me …where are you dear? did you delete your account? Cant find you …please IM me with whatever account you have …I await your sweet reply..

  • comment-avatar
    nataherb 4 years


    As a noob to SL I find this sort of article really useful. It rings a few bells for me, and this skirt sounds like a must have addition to a girls wardrobe.

    The sense of dread everytime you wear it, waiting for the touch…. Wow!

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    Hapless victim 3 years

    The bad day apparel can be very exciting, but the quality of predators varies a lot. Sometimes you get someone who will spin an exciting tale out of the whole experience and at other times, you just sit on a pose ball for an hour without getting a single emote out of them. Of course, there’s a blacklist for those cases.

    As a side note, Sassy Romano, the creator, is a she not a he.

    • comment-avatar

      Very true

      I made that same experience. In addition some actually over-do the story telling part bit. Others are actually to shy to just go ahead and do it. Instead they start chatting you up to see if its ok. For those guys my message is: Hey, if I wear this skirt/shirt, I am not in flirty mood but expect it to happen.


      • comment-avatar

        In my experience it’s best to leaves a few notes in your profile about your preferences.

        If you want to be taken by surprise it happens more often that way. It won’t protect you against the poseball-hoppers (they don’t read your profile), but at least you don’t feel guilty if you leave them after a few minutes 😉 And after the first time you got abducted by a tentacle-monster you really want to add some limits to your picks ^^

        Also: While Sassy is nice for letting the captor undress you, most people use the SIN-Tracker for capture-roleplay. Because it’s free.

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          I wear the SIn Tracker almost always, but got into such situations only twice in the last at least 6 months.


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    hugo 2 years

    i want to cum in your mouth.

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      Hello Hugo

      thank you for sharing the rather explicit content of your dreams.

      This one is actually easy to convert into at least virtual reality. Simply contact me In-World (corolinestravels), transfer the very modest amount of 2.000 L$ and I will make sure you get the desired result.


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    Abhishree Aman 2 years

    Can any body help me in buying master key ?

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    Aidan 1 year

    do you still do this? can you make a guide to introduce us newcomers to what is rapeplay and what makes a good rp rapist?

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