Ready for take off?

I got curious about flying in Second Life. At first  I thought: Where is the point? I mean all avatars are able to fly anyway, so why would one bother to buy or use an aircraft?

So I investigated the matter. I started a thread in the Second Life Forums to see what other people think about it and I searched on for tutorials or sims that offer flight simulations. The one that really spark my interest was this one:


I also found some videos about air combat games in Second life, and all of a sudden I was hooked on the subject. I went to this airport called “Hollywood Airport” in Second life and was truly amazed. Imagine: There are 180 Regions where you can fly airplanes. The areas are attached to each other in a region or a continent called “Blake Sea” and the United Sailing Sims (USS).

Here is where:

In fact the Blake Sea connects the mainland continent to the controversial continent of Nautilus, a Linden owned continent which was intended for the yachting community.

Here is an interesting article about Blake Sea

I did visit the Hollywood International Airport, which serves as a gateway to the region. I never knew how much waste space there is available on the mainland. In fact I counted some 20 airports on a map in the airport information center. They also offer classes on flying and on…..ROLEPLAY!

Here we go again. I read role play and my imagination grows wings. I saw myself already sitting in a fighting jet, shooting down enemies and land at the base celebrated like a heroine.  Yeah , that I have to try!

But first things first:  I will join groups which cover the topics aviation, air combat and the likes and I need to find someone who shows me how that stuff works. I will become a Second Life pilot!

I am ready for take of.  I will keep you posted.



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