Reporting From The Street!

Reporting From The Street!

Its been several weeks now since I embarked on my latest adventure: being a street whore in Second Life. Time to report back. Its been interesting time, enough for several stories. However I decided to just resume it with a couple of pictures I took as don’t want to risk to bore you with several articles about the exact same thing.

It did not always go the way I expected. When I started this, I thought this will be many strangers coming for quick and dirty sex around the corner. Some thing referred to as “wham bang thank you mam sex”. I think you got the picture.

In fact my first client on the street wasn’t even a guest there. He was somebody on my friends list which I got to know the night before at the Magic Angels music club. I had actually forgotten who he is (I am terrible with names), and send him an IM to find out.

I told him I am standing bored on the street waiting for clients. Then he suddenly said:”Well, I could be that first client of yours”. Well, I thought why not, gotta start somewhere. So send him a TP and there he was:


Well, yes a bit outdated looks, I know. So what. I actually offered to go shopping with him one day to help him getting a more realistic and better looking representation of himself.

He paid me the demanded 1.000 Linden and we did it right in that side street behind me. This actually gives it a special additional kick: The region is almost always fairly busy, so chances are someone is actually watching you, when you have sex in the side streets. This guy enjoyed it that much, that during the last couple of weeks, he came back 3 times for more.


He even booked what I call my VIP package, which is not on the street of course but at my luxury home in the black sea, where I use the best animations available in Second Life and take my time with the VIP. This one is 3.000 Linden and worth every single one of them.

Another client came there in classy tuxedo, probably tried to chat up a girl in one of the dance ballrooms and didn’t work. He took me to what he called “his private beach which turned out to be one of those “multi scene skyboxes you can rent for 60 Linden a week. He didn’t want anything kinky, just normal tender and smooth vanilla sex.
















funniest thing was a fan, a reader form this blog actually contacted me as well. No surprise actually, I have adverts for it in the side bar. The funny part was he actually paid me and had to leave suddenly to RL. But of course I did compensate him a couple of days later at home 🙂


Well other than those there where two more of those I expected to be there: Coming to the region for its specific purpose, chosen me, barter the deal and do it. The first I serviced in one of the apartments available on the region and the other was what I originally expected more to happen: The quick and dirty fuck around the corner.



In-between curious Cathy paid me a visit there. Read what she did afterwards on her blog. Definitely worth a read. here is the link (opens in new tab):


So that was it so far. I have been busy, as you can see. I made about 15.000 Linden and had a different yet exciting time on the steamier side of Second Life. My next adventure is already in the makings: Webby, another well known SL Blogger suggested a nude sailing trip. Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun!

Here some more impressions from the street:

Here a young version of Caroline in action:

This is a younger version of me. I created that one specifically for this story. It is supposed to be Carol as a Teenager ( 18).


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