Researching the afk scene – The sleeping Beauty by Faith Jolifaunt

Do you remember my posts about the top ten sex regions in Second Life?

At the time I discovered that afk regions became the thing. I have no idea why, but as it is that popular I decided I must dig into that deeper.

I was lucky that Faith Jolifaunt found my article and left a comment. Faith is the owner of an afk region called “Sleeping Beauties”. Good starting point.

I decided to contact her.

I had a pleasant conversation with her and had the chance to ask her a couple of questions. The most obvious one:

Do you actually make money with afk sex?

This is what Faith told me with respect:

I don’t make a ton. I make enough to buy new goodies. I don’t do it to make a profit. As long as I make enough to pay my tier, I’m good. Many times I make $500 to $1000L just being AFK. Tips from only two guys.

You know what.. I woke up the other morning.and hadn’t even had time to put on my coffee yet. By the time I made my coffee and finished the first cup, I’d mad $6,500L. So, that was a sweet morning. I wore my golden pussy that morning.

My next question:

I actually tried This myself. Left my avi for a full 24 hours on a busy afk region and made absolutely nothing. What’s the secret?

Faith Jolifaunt:

I’m not sure. Guys get used to going to the same place, same girl. I have regulars. I’ve only been in this game for about 6 months, it takes time to build a group of regulars. This is what I try to tell “my” girls.

My next question:

Why do guys like afk sex, most guys want to interact don’t they?

Faith Jolifaunt:

Because it’s taboo! I think anyway. The thought of seeing a beautiful woman in bed and being able to do any naughty thing you want to with her…. try for a more real perspective.

Men are visual creatures, they want to see sex. so looks are important.

Us gals, we have thousands of lindens in our avis, not just skin and shape, but the huds and the guys love the huds.

That one gets used nearly every time, where they cum on you. Then the “Code 5 Spanker” so they can spank you.

Of course, the Force Me to Sit hud, so they can move you around to different pieces of furniture. I can even get fucked on a tree stump if they want. And Mama Allpa, they love breeding.

You should let me add you to our group for a few minutes, to see the girls chatter”, she suggested.

Faith added me to that group for her girls. Great chance to ask some afk girls questions.

At first I was reading their chat. Very funny indeed. They seem to be a pretty open and fun gang. It was mostly about guys not leaving tips and some old men who enjoy peeing on girls. Urg!

Then I introduced myself and ask the all import question:

How much money do you girls actually make a month in average and what is the most crucial elements of getting there?

A girl called Heidi responded:

It’s really all luck like gambling. There are basics you need but other then that… luck. I feel like it’s slots on whether or not someone stops at your hut.

Another girl, Heaven added:

I think personally your attitude and how you interact with them, If they feel as if you appreciate your tip. If they can *feel* you as a real person, they are more apt to come back.

Faith interfered:  

Yeah, but you made bank so far that first week!

“Oh yes”,

heaven confirmed.

I continued: Ok so they come and think they fuck a AFK body, but you interact with them and they come back and pay well, is that the trick?


“See that’s the thing Jessica, we have rules here. The biggest rule is you CANNOT IM FIRST. And at this sim, someone is always watching.”

“Avi appearance is kind of a big deal, don’t you gals think?” 

Heaven immediately jumped on that subject:

“YES!!  You have to be attractive to THEM not you”.


My sister wasn’t on for weeks then popped on for a day and BAM made 1500 i was like WHAT HOW.

My next question:

So afk sex is just the hook really, you do hope they talk to you and want more. Just like a regular escort girl?


“We normally ask for $500L upfront for roleplay, but I always make more. That’s more of a low ball price to hook them. Some guys are strictly AFK, that’s all they want.

But others just want to come here and cum in you 10000000 times to get you pregnant. I’m not kidding. We get a huge laugh out of it. We’ll see in local chat that they’ve cum 100 times in us.


I mean I am AFK a lot, But If I Know someone wants to RP in advance, I will try to be here, they know to Message me.

I had My FIrst abortion In SL a few days ago… *Shakes Head* Yaa, We have some very spirited clients.


That’s usually what they want from me too.


The mama alpha hud is a must with the forced add on. 

I have a question for y’all, Are you only here to AFK? Sex?


No, I Love interaction. And the family.


“OMG  Here YES,  I have never been in a group where I felt like it was so close and fun. Really we all have the same goal,  and In a perfect world girls are NOT catty and bitchy and here I think everyone tries to help everyone”.


“I think everyone here is nice + we have the best boss lady. all of the above + RL demands my attention so AFK I must.  Then i return and discover im preggers”. yesterday i discovered and visited a ton of AFK places and this here is the best one. i am happy and lucky to be here”.

I learned quite a  bit about this from this talk. The group kept chatting a while. You know, whores stuff like non-tippers, pussy-cream, titles which work and so on.

Very funny indeed.

After this talk, I kinda felt this is something SLA Media  should think about. I mean hardly anyone is visiting our porn cinema.

This could be an alternative and could drive some traffic to our showroom as well. I will speak with Caroline, see what she thinks.

Oh, I almost forgot:

For you guys out there who want to fuck one of those babes, here is the taxi:

They are waiting for you!


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