Revelation at the Mansion (Cathy’s point of view)

It took me time to start writing this post, but finally I defeated the blank page syndrom and the words seem to come again fluently. I have been so nervous writing these few words, as I have been during the events I am about to reveal here. Caroline told me that day, with her usual humor, that some of you, dear readers, would have anticipated this will somehow happen one day or another. If you guessed it, then you know me better than I do, because I never thought this could actually happen and I am absolutely honest saying that.

I will not make you wait any longer, it is time for the truth to be told, isn’t it? Well, this particular morning, I got a call from Caroline, she told me she had just refurbished her favorite room at the mansion. I thought it was the sofa room where she spent some of her hottest moments, but actually no, she mentioned one of the bedroom on the first floor.

You know how curious I am, I immediately called a taxi, and a few minutes later I was at the mansion. I took the stairs up to the first floor. The mansion was desert at this time of the day, this is usually the time when Caroline performs all her enhancements to the mansion, I was not surprised this was the case this day. I knocked on the door, impatient to discover this favorite room of her.

-“Come in!” she replied from inside the room

I opened the door and stayed open-mouthed for a moment. The furnitures were fantastic, as usual, you know how Caroline is fond of skilled builders, but it was not only that, the ambiance of the room was very special, the red-pink tones dominating the color spectrum, the light subdued, in a single word: romantic. Sat in the middle of the large bed was Caroline, displaying a smile of contentment, she was probably happy that I actually liked the work she performed there. To complete the ambiance, she was wearing a sexy nightie. It did not surprise me actually, Caroline is very natural about her body, one day if you remember the sofa talk story, she was even fully naked when I entered the room.

cclove_002She invited me to sit besides her, which I did, and as usual when we meet, we started discussing about many things mainly centered around the mansion itself or this blog and the upcoming posts. I did not imagine at that time, that the moments we were living would actually become the next post, this is however what happened. Actually this moment reminded me some I spent with my best friend then, Jelena, (I mentioned her in my seven facts if you remember), time of sincerity, simplicity and honesty. It is so rare people with whom I feel I can speak that freely and openly.

I really relaxed, enjoying Caroline’s company and interesting discussion, we probably both felt this way at this stage, maybe none of this would have happened if we would have been in a different set of mind. It took me by surprise when she actually kissed me! I stayed aghast for a few seconds, all along this time she looked at me intently displaying an amused smile, amused probably because of the strange face I displayed then, but I was pretty sure she was serious about this kiss, I felt it instantly.

-“What are you doing?” I asked her a bit nervous.

-“Something I have been tempted to do for some time now.” she admitted without a blink. “You did not like it?”

-“That’s not the question…” I was not able to finish my sentence that she kissed me again, longer, taking my head in her soft hands.

I will never insinuate that she forced herself on me, any gesture or word from me and she would have stopped, I am sure of it, she is too respectful, too nice to be able to act like this. The thing is that I never protested, nor resisted … why? I still cannot say precisely. Caroline admitted having that desire, but on my side, I never anticipated nor imagined this situation, I felt very unprepared. I think I know myself pretty well, I know my sexuality: I usually like my lovers with a nice male figure, a broad chest (slightly hairy), muscled arms in which I can hide, and some significant attributes between their legs. To this regard, Caroline was definitely not my type. There is something else I was afraid of: I really value her friendship and I know, from experience, that love affairs can ruin the strongest friendship links. I shared this fear with her, we promised ourselves to not let it break our relationship. From this point, I fell completely under her spell … unprepared yes, but sometimes, surprises are good.

I let her guide me through this, she took me in her arms, we kissed each other with passion and delight, we became more intimate as our clothes were falling on each sides of the bed, we made love, not the love I think I know, a totally different one, but definitely not less enjoyable, because I admit it: I enjoyed it a lot. I have probably been the worst lover Caroline had ever. I was so caught on it that I could barely emote properly and I had to adapt completely my usual style, I was this time taking care of a female body, a female mindset behind it, softer and more intense than what I usually practise.

I have tried to catch this moment in pictures (I know I am a photograp-addict, do not blame me), but I am afraid the snapshots are quite bad as my mind was really elsewhere … I could not focus properly at the photography, it was too intense, and I cared too much for Caroline. Please dear readers accept my apology, it will never translate properly the passion that we shared here.


I continue to think about it, quite intensely actually. I know I am straight, but Caroline changed me probably, as I will not think about lesbian sex the same way from now on. I will not say anymore that I will not have sex with another girl … the old saying is “never say never”, isn’t it? Caroline told me that day that we all have an homosexual side, more or less hidden, that we let go or we retain, depending on many factors. It is definitely true and I let it go this day. In this respect, I think I owe you a deep thank Caroline, it was very intense from my point of view, sexually and emotionally.

We convened with Caroline, that we will both relate this story in two separate posts, as you can, we can, have both point of views of this interesting morning. To be honest I am really curious to read Caroline post.

Dear readers, did you really guess that this will happen at some stage as Caroline suggested it. If yes, I would really like to know what made you think this? Did you also have an intense experience that touched you deeply as I have been? Please let me a comment to share the story … well, if you dare, because I know the effort it can take to do so, I really know.


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