Review 2017: Year of my Alternative Accounts and Hot Sex Adventures

Its about time for a little review of my Second Life in 2017. Actually it’s about time to start writing anything again. I haven’t published anything since Oktober.

Or did I? Maybe I did but on another domain and using another ALT?

For those not in the know: ALT stands for alternative account. That is when a Second Life resident uses another in-world identity than his/her original account.

There are many reasons why people use those ALTs. I have a very particular one: I am famous. Yes I really am. Actually many people in Second Life call me a celebrity. I think that is an exaggeration, “well known” is probably the best term to use.

It is getting in the way sometimes.

I can not research something, lets say “itchy”, when I get recognized as a blogger. Same applies when I want to try new experiences in Second Life. I need to be “somebody else” in those occasions.

Sometimes I reveal my readers those alternative mes. Not always. I have numerous ALTs. In fact even Carolien is actually an ALT. My main  or my first account is yet again a different one but I do hardly ever use it. The featured pic  of this post is actually my original avatar.

Next time you get to know somebody in Second Life, bear in mind it could be me.

I keep you guessing. No, Cathy is not me!

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because 2017 was the year of my ALTs. Not that I only was in Second Life with another me. I did do some stuff as Caroline as well. But the dominating events and post were about stuff that happened being in-world with my alternative accounts.

Lets kick off.


Those who follow my blog already know charleen. Charleen had some quite hot adventures already back in 2016. She was trying to be the sugar baby of a rich man. That plan din’t work out really. But charlie had a plan B:

Charly Has a Plan B


The month of february was pretty much dominated by Chraleens adventure to establish a strip club. It went actually very well to start with, but found a drastic end when I fell out with my then partner: Anna. She was just so full of herself, it was not possible to continue working with her.

That was the end of that story:

Lolita Heaven Club in Second Life – an Instant Success

The month of february brought me a valentin too: Kioke Mio. My crush at work and then girlfriend to be:

My Little Crush at Work

You might actually have heard of her. She became a porn model and starred in several very hot movies which we published on our porn site.


In march I stumbled upon something really bizarre at its best, disturbing at its worst:

age play!

Yet again something I can not research on my Caroline Resident account. Due to its nature It is difficult to actually enter in those circles. People who are into this are very secretive about it. Simply because it is not allowed in Second Life. In addition it is even illegal in many countries.

It involves sex between teenagers, sex between adults and teenagers, sex between teachers and students and also sex with very young girls. And I mean very young!

Very popular is actually family age play. Virtual families where the adults have sex with the kids. Incest fantasies play a huge part in the age play scene in Second Life.

Time to do under cover again

What you read in this post is not even scratching the surface. All the other stuff was to heavy to actually publish it.

Going Under Cover – Investigating Ageplay in Second Life

What you read in this post is not even scratching the surface. All the other stuff was to heavy to actually publish it.


In April I was quite busy in 3DXchat too. I met actually a porn producer who makes some really stunning porn movies in 3DXChat. Yes, I did have sex with him too.

SLA Machinima Releases 7 Best Porn Movies Made in 3DXChat

Mai and June

It must be the time of the year or something. The month of Mai and June I predominantly had sex. A lot of sex. I even went back into escorting again.

Not just for the money. It always got me excited to serve for money. It is my thing if you know what I mean. I made quite a few bucks & fucks that summer.

I lost count how many guys fucked me:

Caroline’s Recent Sex Adventures in Second Life


When you think you have seen it all, something even more crazy comes around the corner. I discovered a new trend in Second Life: AFK sex dolls.

I had to wake up Charleen and send her trying this:

AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!


More sex to come. No not in Second Life this time. I discovered the online sex game AChat. To be honest, it is not as good as 3DXchat. However the animations alone are second to none.

I signed up for their affiliate program and got a free subscription and some of their in-game credits to get stuff to actually test the game.

So I did. A lot! And I really mean a lot.

AChat: Hot Sex Adventures in a Naughty Online Sex Game


September I got into travel mode again. You probably remember my sailing trip around several mainland continents in 2016. This year I did the rounds around yet another continent:

The Forgotten Continent


This was the last post on Second Life Adventures. Basically summing up my research about the AFK places in Second Life.

Most Popular AFK Fuck Places in Second Life

The Rest of the year I was very busy in-world. We actually have a new presence in Second Life now. In addition yet another ALT of mine is making the rounds in Second Life

More about my business activities in Second Life in my next post. Ah, you want to read about ma ALT’S adventures? Sorry I keep you guessing. For now 🙂

And yes, I am back to writing here again.


If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

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  1. Are you still in 3DXCHAT? I just recently reactivated my account and would love to see you there. (I am BaronAaron in 3DXCHAT.)

    1. Aaron,

      there is no user search in 3DXChat. We need to agree on time and place ingame to meet and then add each other to the friends list.


  2. Can you hold sum contest or give hint so we can guess orr know about the other alt you are mentioning??? I miss this blog hehe

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