Compare 3DXChat, AChat, Thrixxx and Second Life

I just discovered a online multiplayer sex game. It is called 3DXCHAT. The trailer and the different user comments on their forums actually sparked my curiosity yet again. Hence it did not take me long to register and give it a go.

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Review of the best online sex games:

Which one is best for you?

1. Diversification of Locations

The winner is: Second Life

Second life has a huge number of regions which cater for sex play. This is obviously due to most locations being actually user created and due to Second Life being around now for quite some time. You can find nearly anything one might fancy when it comes to sex. Hundreds of clubs, BDSM locations, sex and nude beaches, swinger clubs, escort places make the choice of location unrivaled to any other game.


My Home in Second Life
My Home in Second Life

3DXCHAT come second. It offers 6 stunning locations. Discotheque, pub, night club, beach, love island and a party yacht. All very well designed and very detailed. In addition every user gets two free apartments which maybe furniture and amended at your preference. However, many users actually make their place a shared location.

That means in addition to the 6 standard locations, you have almost always a choice of about 20 to 30 accessible user apartments. Usually the user organizes a themed party or event in his apartment and allows access during the event.





My Apartment in 3dxChat
My Apartment in 3dxChat

2. Quality of Graphics

The winner is: 3DXCHAT

I have yet to see a game with better detailed, high resolution graphic work than the 3DXCHAT. The realism is incredible. This accounts for both in-game items and textures as well as for the the avatars.





3. Sex Animations

The winner is: AChat

This was a difficult one. The two best are AChat and 3DXChat. The animations system is very intuitive and animations  are very realistic. I give AChat a little edge over 3DXChat, because it has an abundance of poses (so-called scenes) which come with at least 16 different actions each. The varity is amazing.


4. Socializing and Flirting

Party Time in Second Life
Party Time in Second Life

The winner is: Second Life

Unlike Chathouse 3D Roulette and 3DXCHAT, Second Life is not sex centered. You meet all kind of people in music clubs, events and many other locations which are there to chat, socialize, get to know people and so fourth. You can do that in 3DXCHAT too if you want to, but its far more limited than Second Life in that aspect and most users have actually something else in mind.







5. Cost Involved

This is a difficult one to answer. There is no clear winner or loser. So lets look at the three individually

Second Life

Second Life is free to join. You only need Premium Membership if you intend to buy land. If it’s only for the sexual aspect of a virtual world, you don’t need premium membership (about 70 US per year plus fairly high tear fees for land).

To create a decent looking, attractive avatar with a mesh body and a couple of different outfits you need around 30 to 50 US. You buy the stuff not from the company but in shops where other Second Life residents sell their designs. The choice is overwhelming. There are hundreds of good shops with quality cloth and other items at fairly reasonable prices.

Thrixxx Chathouse 3D Roulette

The Thrixxx Chathouse 3D Roulette is also free to join. The content however, such as sex animations, cloth, avatar design is sold against “coin” at their online shop. You need to buy coins first at relatively high rates. The stuff that comes free is not very good quality, and you have only a few animations you can use.

There is a subscription option starting at 9.95 US $ per month. With this option you get access to all content, poses and features, just the same as in 3DXChat. This includes all available sex poses, a room editor and the features of the avatar maker.


3DXCHAT is pay to play. There is no free version, not even a trial version. You are asked to pay when you sign up. If you pay monthly the recurring fee is 19,90 US and all developer created content is included in the price. You don’t pay for animations (available in abundance) and all cloth, items, avatar amendments and even your own customizable apartment is included in the price. No hidden cost, one flat fee and you are done with everything.


Joining is free, and the free versions includes quite a bit of possibilities even so limited. You can edit your avatar a little, you have some animations, you can join the party places and you can use some basic  free rooms. If you want more choice you buy A$. Packages start at 14, 50 US.

There are also premium subscriptions available starting at 9,95 USD per month or 49,oo USD for a year. This is substantially cheaper than 3DXChat and the same as Thrixxx Chathouse 3D.


When it comes to the sexual experience, my clear favorite is 3DXChat. It combines sex with social experiences and excellent graphics. For everything else there is Second Life.


Want to give it a go?


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