Having Fun at Rocky Valley High School

As Sheraka I go to Rocky Valley High School. I have fun at school. No, I am not a cheerleader nor am I particularly interested in science or maths. I converted the campus in my own personal sex playground. Actually Rocky Valley High has that sort of reputation.

In the Storage Room

My favorite is showing new potential students around. It starts usually pretty harmless. For example I might meet the a student in the bistro, right at the entrance. After a bit of chit chatting I would offer:

“Hey come I show you around, you will love it at Rocky Valley High”.

Usually I start my tour at the library. Then I would move to the sports center, not forgetting to show some class rooms of course.

Which is just what I did with this young man:

Coming back from the tour, I said:

“Ok, you have seen almost everything now, with one exception.

“What would that be”, the young man replied.

“ It is a storage room, hardly anyone goes into. That’s where they have a lot of files with old lawsuits against the school and against certain teachers for sexual harassment of students.”

“Oh, did that happen?”, he inquires.

“Yes, but that has been a long time ago. Nowadays the teachers are rather withdrawn and try to better the image of Rocky Valley High. Hardly anyone goes to the storage room actually”, I explained and continued:

“So, if you want to be alone for a bit, that’s the place to go to, come I show you”.

The young lad follows me into the storage room. Once we were inside, I closed the door and took my minni dress off , standing naked in front of him.

I explained with a cheeky smile on my face:

“You see, teachers leave us alone nowadays, but amongst the students we don’t care about reputation, we do have some fun at school sometimes. Of course discrete and without talking about it to much.”

At the same time I explained the young guy the little secrets of Rocky Valley High, I already fondled at his pants. Opens them and without much hesitation start playing with his cock. It didn’t take me much to get him aroused, it was impossible to resist Sheraka’s advancement.

Rocky Valley High in Second LIfe


“Oh my god, this is so exciting, never done this at school. What if a teacher by accident walks in here.” He asked.

“That is the extra kick, honey, isn’t it? She smiled and started sucking him.

He gave in of course, and the we had wild and passionate sex there and then. Once he overcame his inhibitions he fucked me hard and wild in every possible position.

After he finished exhausted, shooting his load into my body he remarked: “This will probably my best year at school”.

“For sure it will,” I replied and added: “Just do not talk about it and you will have lots of fun at Rocky Valley High”.

In the Shower

I was just taking a shower after a bit of work out in the basement of Rocky Valley High when this guy entered the aula. At first I thought he is a visitor or a new potential student. But he knew his way around and went straight to the elevator.


He came down to the basement and straight towards the showers.

He walked in and started to undress. Maybe he didn’t realize I am there, I thought. Hence a started to talk to him:

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me having a shower too, unfortunately we only have one shower room here at Rocky Valley High”.

“I know”, he replied, “I am a second grader here, and I am not really here for a shower”.

A bit puzzled I asked: “So what are you here for then? The Gym is next door, if that’s what you were looking for.”

“I am here to fuck you. I have been told you are a good fuck Sheraka, and willing too!”

Wow, that was direct, and therefore intriguingly arousing. I had a closer look at him and thought , well not bad looking, lets see how good he is. I smiled and said:

“Well, I think you heard right actually, we don’t need another shower then”.

My Friend from The Golden Sun Family Beach

When school is out I go the beach. Sheraka’s preferred one is actually Golden Sun Beach. That is because I can meet other young people my age (SL 18) there.

One day I met Brandon on the beach:

We first had a casually conversation about lag and what we do in SL. He said he would come to that beach for the occasional hook up. No surprises here, Golden Sun is known to be a hook up place, especially for those interested in age-play.

I told him, that I am actually looking for family or high school role-play. It was him who recommended Rocky Valley High to me. We made friends that day and met occasionally for some fun.

A few weeks later I had just entered school when I saw him online again.

“Hey Brandon, I actually joined Rocky Valley High now”, I told him.

“Great, how are you doing there, having some fun?” He asked

“Indeed, I am having great fun here, very naughty fun actually. I am already known as the slutty new girl, “I explained laughing and continued: “want to see my favorite place at school?”

I did send a teleport offer. I was already I the storage room, naked, waiting for him. The anticipation of a hot fuck already making me very aroused and wet.

When he arrived we went straight to the point:

Did you ever think about going back to school and become a naughty high school student (again)? Give it a try at Rockey Valley High!

Here is the teleport:

If you see me there don’t be shy, talk to me and I will probably give you a tour. 😉


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  1. Hmmmm … could be i should give school a second chance … at least this ones looks a lot more fun than the others i have tried :)) Nice story, Catherine, and sexy pictures ^^

  2. Damn where was that locker room at my school? 😉
    Love the new storyline. I am curious to see what mischief you get yourself into next.

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