Role Play in Second Life: Berlin 1920

Berlin 1920. The war was over and Germany was no longer an Empire. The country was turned into a republic also know as the republic of Weimar. The war left his scares and it shows. War veterans are still a normal sight in the streets of Berlin.

People are either very poor or extremely rich. Needless to say that their respective lifestyles differ substantially which causes a lot of social frictions in the city. Inflation is on a record high, the German currency basically worthless, the economy suffering from reparation payments to France and Great Britain as a consequence of the war.

The surrounding towns and villages got included into one big metropolitan city. In Fact, Berlin became the second biggest city in Europe.

The political landscape is as divided as society. On one side are the rights wing nationalist who are in strong disagreement with the republic and on the other side the supporters of the republic. Rallies and violent protests in the street became the norm.

In this climate a young man from Austria became the first man of an extreme right wing party: The NSDAP. The man who shall soon set the world on fire once again: Adolf Hitler.

This is the environment of a role play region in Second Life: Berlin 1920.

Here some pics:


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  1. The sim looks very good, and the theme is probably very immersive. It’s probably massively a RP in english. Thanks for sharing anyway, it looks fantastic!

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