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When playing a character on Gor, you are expected to have a basic and reasonable understanding of the norms for Goreans and how they would behave. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines so you can know your role and play it accordingly. These are NOT rules that will result in banning if broken, but merely consequences in RP as your character may end up locked up, enslaved, mutilated, or even killed.

As an important distinction, women will be allowed to use weapons. However, this does not mean every women will walk around armed to the teeth and raiding all day, but will be expected to follow IC codes and restrictions or risk IC consequences, so learn your role. If you are FW or slave looking to wield a weapon, don’t do it just to do it, have a reason. When a combat meter is implemented, more specifics will be applied.

Lydius Port Roles

Beyond choosing to play a Free man, woman, slave, etc, this is a list of specific roles in the city plus some ideas for others to be filled.
*Women can attain any position, though would be highly unlikely to play as a warrior in the city that is not an outlaw.

Leadership Roles

Consider all the positions temporary and up for grabs, contingent on RP, so feel free to plot against people and don’t take it personally if someone tries to oust you. It’s all makes for good stories.

Ubar/Ubara – a General who takes power at a time of crisis, and whose rule is tantamount to tyrant until the crisis is resolved

Administrator – Has the authority to settle civil and economic matters, such as reform of the courts and laws and controls and regulations pertaining to commerce. This includes the licensing and taxing of places such as public auction houses. He may ban or implement events such as contests. The Administrator has the authority to declare a person to be a Warrior of the city. and can develop an alliance with or against other cities and sign treaties.

High Council of Lydius – Rulers of the City. Only members of the five high castes who occupy positions on the High Councils.

Members will share the responsibility of the throne and holding court to oversee matters of the city and settle disputes such as force collarings, accusations of rape, theft, murder, slaves impersonating free, outlaws,

Captain of the Guard

Head Slaver

Head Physician

Master Assassin

Master Blacksmith


The society of Gor is divided into groups referred to as “Castes”. Each Caste is made up of its own profession or occupation. Castes are ranked according to their particular place in Gorean society and its interaction. Many castes contain sub-castes that are particular to a unique activity and need of the profession.

Most major castes of Gor have their own colors called the “Caste Color”. Colors are often worn by the members to display outwardly to others what caste they are associated with.\

The Five High Castes include:
CASTE OF INITIATES: ~ White ~ Members of this caste are supposed to be representatives of the Priest Kings in Gorean society. Their responsiblities include guiding the spiritual life of Goreans by use of rituals and prayers to the Priest Kings. There are rumors that some may even be able to call down the wrath of the Priest Kings upon those who have offended the Priest Kings. They wear white robes, shave their heads as well as their faces. They do not eat meat and do not indulge in alcohol. They lead a celebate life, are well learned and read. They are often feared and many times distrusted by members of the lower castes.

CASTE OF SCRIBES: ~ Blue ~ Members of this caste are the scholars of Gor. They are the writers and historians of Gorean society. They are responsible for accounting, record-keeping, and writing. They are usually serious and studious, have an eye for detail and a passion for knowledge. There are several sub-castes in this caste which include Mapmakers – explorers, Magistrates, and Litigators.

CASTE OF BUILDERS: ~ Yellow ~ Included in this caste are architects, draftsmen, stonemasons, engineers, and other professions which are concerned with the physical creations and engineering works of Gor. Inventors and technicians who develop these types of physical creations are also included in this caste.

CASTE OF PHYSICIANS: ~ Green ~ Those who are concerned with the healing arts belong to this caste. Members include, surgeons, apothecaries, medical researchers and health practicioners. They are recognized in all of Gor as non combatents during times of war.

CASTE OF WARRIORS: ~ Scarlet ~ Members of the military such as infantry, tharlarion calvary, and tarnsmen fill this caste. Their set of codes is known to be one of the strictest. This caste comprises the military branch of Gor government.

Low Castes Include:

CASTE OF MERCHANTS: ~ White and Gold ~ Containing literally hundreds of sub-castes this group is a very large caste. Members of this caste deal with selling and trading of merchandise for a profit. For as many products as there are that are to be sold there are about that many sub castes. The gold of Merchants can exercise influence upon the city, not only through bribes, but also by extending or refusing credit for projects and desires of the High Council.

CASTE OF SLAVERS: ~ Blue and Yellow This caste deals with the buying and selling of human merchandise. It is a sub caste of the Merchants.

CASTE OF MONEYLENDERS: This caste is composed of the bankers of Gor. The members of this caste are those who trade and speculate with money for profit. The only product they handle is money.

CASTE OF BAKERS: ~Orange and Brown This caste consists of hundreds of sub castes. Generally they are members who prepare vegetarian food or sa-tarna in its many forms.

CASTE OF BUTCHERS ~ This caste and its many sub-castes concern themselves with the acquisition and preparation of sa-tassna, all forms of edible Gorean meat. In conjunction with the caste of Bakers, this caste and its many sub castes are responsible for maintaining the majority of the Gorean industries involved with food service.

CASTE OF WINEMAKERS: ~ The professional production of most fruit based Gorean alcohol is under the auspices of this caste. CASTE OF BREWERS ~ takes care of the production of the grain based alcohols.

CASTE OF SAILORS: ~ There are several dozen sub-castes in this group. Each sub caste has its own specialty. An example would be the BARGEMEN who steer river barges on the freshwater waterways of Gor.

CASTE OF FISHERMEN: ~ This caste is a sub caste of the caste of Sailors. They harvest the differing varieties of Gorean fishes and sea life for human consumption. Some sub castes include the CASTES OF RIVER FISHERMEN, THASSA FISHERMEN, and NET MAKERS.

CASTE OF ARTISANS ~ This caste is extremely broad. It includes many hundreds of sub castes. Any production of hand-made goods for any use, is considered to be a work of art.

CASTE OF POT MAKERS: ~ Brown and Green ~ This caste is a sub caste of the Caste of Artisans. They produce vessels used to contain substances of all kinds.


CASTE OF METAL WORKERS: ~ Gray ~. A sub caste of Artisans they are concerned with the production of most metal items made on Gor. Some of the sub castes under this one would include: SWORDMAKERS, ARMORERS, and those that work with blacksmithing or farrier work repairing wagon wheels and shoeing Gorean draft and riding animals.

CASTE OF CLOTH WORKERS: ~ Another large and expansive caste, this group contains many sub castes. They are concerned with the professional production of woven cloth for use by the people of Gor.

CASTE FOR RUG MAKERS: ~ This group is a sub caste of the Caste of Cloth Workers. They produce woven rugs for general use. Members of this caste see themselves as independent from the Caste of Cloth Workers.

CASTE OF WEAVERS: ~Concerned with the professional production of textiles for the textile industry, this caste is a sub caste of the Rug Makers Caste.

CASTE OF CARDERS: ~ Sub caste of the caste of Weavers. They produce woven cloth for the textile industry.

CASTE OF DRYERS: ~ This sub caste of Weavers deals with the staining and coloring of cloth for the textile industry.

CASTE OF CLOTHIERS: ~ Another sub caste of the Caste of Weavers, they produce articles of clothing for the Gorean people.

CASTE OF DRESS MAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Weavers which makes feminine clothing.

CASTE OF ROPEMAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Artisans that produces rope, binding fiber, thread and cordage of all types.

CASTE OF LEATHERWORKERS: ~ Sub caste of the Artisan Caste, deals with the fabrication of various leather goods from animal hides of all kinds.

CASTE OF TORTURERS: ~Black and Red ~ Found only among the Wagon People of the far south they are considered to be a sub caste of the caste of Artisans. An assumption may be made that those of the Wagon Peoples consider the application of Torture as an art form.


a) Free Men were the Masters of Gor, they governed all things and stood above Free Women
b) Free Men adhered to strict traditions and caste codes, which differed for every caste
c) Free Men had a strong sense of right and wrong – They would not easily get offended by the words of Free Women and would only punish Free Women of their own city if given proper cause. (Such as either physically attacking a man, showing lewd and slave-like behavior or trying to manipulate men.
A Free Woman saying: “Free Men should control their emotions.” – is a perfect example of a Free Woman trying to manipulate or dictate how men should behave. Gorean Free Men however showed little hesitation in enslaving women that were not part of their own Home-stone.
d) Free Men also however took great pride in the fact that their own Free Women were hard to enslave and heavily protected. There was a sense of shame involved when a Free Woman of their home-stone got enslaved or captured.
e) Free Men generally took some pleasure in seeing Free Women put in their place and Free Women being reminded of their fragile position in gorean society. However, many Free Women of powerful families enjoyed much protection, status and influence because of their family name. Free Women of High Caste or wealthy and influential families were shown much deference until they showed slave-like behavior.
f) Many gorean Free Men enjoyed taking extreme risks and, if successful, enjoyed even more the spoils or rewards of such.
g) Gorean Free Men were said to let their emotions run freely, unashamed of crying when sad, laughing when happy. They deeply appreciated art, the beauty of nature, the bodies of women, wealth, power and any features of strength (swordskill, intelligence or whatever else was most important for their Caste)
h) Gorean Free men took great pride in their caste, showing much camaraderie with those who shared their caste, helping out eachother and teaching eachother the proficiencies of their Caste work. Castes were very much like tight-knit families. Some even having their own caste dialects and caste secrets.

Everything mentioned above however are purely ideals, and not many gorean men actually fully managed to live up to them. There were many examples in the books of men either bossed around by their slaves or the Free Women around them (or an entire city ruled by women!), even some examples of outright cruel and sadist men. Or examples of men who broke traditions and made a mockery out of caste regulations and principles.

For guidelines for your Caste, ask your Head of Caste. Especially the Warrior Caste had a number of rigorous guidelines and Caste codes to follow.

*These are not OOC rules or forced RP

a) Free Women may own property and attain leadership positions.
b) A free woman may not show aggression to a male. She may disagree, argue, and debate.
c) A Free Woman who behaves in a slave-like manner (ie. exposing too much flesh, behaving in an aggressive or forward manner to a male, public display of affection, calling a male Master, wielding a weapon) may be forced-collared as well.
d) Rape and attempted rape against a free woman is a crime, and will be punished accordingly. Should it be found that the woman courted her rape with indecent or slave-like actions, she may be sentenced to slavery.
e) Veils are not required, but face stripping (forcibly removing the veil) of a free woman without cause is tantamount to rape and will be punished severely. Should there be doubt about a woman’s actions, she should be brought before a magistrate or council member for a ruling.
f) A free woman is permitted a concealed dagger, hair pins, etc She may not bear a sword, bow, or other traditional warrior weapon. To do so carries stiff consequences.

g) Any free or slave force-collared in the city becomes property of the city. The collaring may be challenged by a free woman’s male relatives, protector, or free companion, and may include a duel to determine ownership.
h) Force collarings are subject to review by the city council
i) Force collaring will normally last 3 full days, except by decision of the council.
j) Free women are not allowed in the tavern without male escort, excepting special invited events.

k) She urts are not bound by the dress restrictions for free women, but must abide by the same behavior restrictions.
l) She urts have much lower standing in legal matters such as rape, and must take this into consideration.
m) She urts would normally be found only in the dock area, where food scrounging is easier and less likely to be noticed

*These are not OOC rules or forced RP

a) Slaves are property, and as such, may be used, abused, and even slain by their owners without cause.
b) Runaways may be held by the city. If their owner does not claim them within 7 days of their capture, they will become property of the city.
c) Any slave who does not have contact with their owner for an extended period will be considered abandoned. Ownership of such slave will pass to the designated protector, the owner’s free companion, or the city, in that order.
d) Permanent submissions must be witnessed by at least one other free person to be considered valid.
f) Unless a slave voluntarily, and without suggestion, begs a personal collar of a citizen of Lydius, then all girls submitting in the city will be considered city property.
g) Manumission of a slave must be witnessed by at least one other free person. Such a slave freed will be immune to force collar by nature of improper attire for a period of one hour after their freeing.
h) Slaves are expected to protect themselves, their owners, and their owner’s other property by any means available to them, as long as they do not violate the weapon restrictions for slaves.
j) Slaves may not wield a traditional weapon of any kind. Rocks, brooms, and throwable random objects are allowed. For a slave to touch a traditional weapon is death.
k) No person, other than the slaves owner, may have sexual contact with a white silk slave. This is considered theft and will be punished accordingly.
l) The owner of a slave is liable for the actions of said slave, unless it can be proved that the owner did everything reasonable to prevent the actions of the slave.
m) No person may intentionally interrupt a slave in the performance of a task given by the slave’s master.
n) No person shall purposely violate the restrictions of a slave placed by her master. This is tantamount to theft and will be punished accordingly.
o) Any free may punish a slave for inappropriate behavior. The free will be liable for any damage or loss caused by their punishment.
p) Slaves may give legal testimony only under torture.
q) No slave may don the garments of the free, under penalty of death
r) All slaves will nadu, regardless of their owners wishes, unless that slave is escorted by their owner, or a Free escort . DESIGNATED Tower slaves may assume the tower position, except when in the direct attention of a Free Man or commanded otherwise.

*These are not OOC rules or forced RP

a) Outlaws are required to disarm themselves before entering the gate of Lydius. Failure to do so will result in action by the city guard.
b) Any outlaw caught pretending to caste or homestone status will be taken into custody for trial, with the normal outcome being impalement.
c) Any slave of an outlaw is not allowed safe passage in Lydius. If you are questioned, and it is found you belong to an outlaw, you are eligible for force collaring by the city.
d) No outlaw may don the garb of a slave. This will be considered submission.

**FEMALE OUTLAWS (taken from pre-BTB/GE split)
Women have the ability to defend themselves and engage in criminal activity. That by definition makes them outlaws. A Gorean man seeing a women he believes is inappropriately attired is free to attempt her capture. She is free to resist. This is how it would of happened on Gor. Some women might rebel against the stricture of a male dominated society and the men were obliged to set them straight. If your male Gorean sensibilities are offended by the women, do something about it.


* Panthers/Talunas are allowed anywhere on the sim. They are advised to disguise themselves if expecting to not be hassled on sight.

ASSASSINS – Black Caste

The Black Caste is a role that has a history of great depth, as anyone who plays a BC is expected to go through extensive training from a certified Master Assassin. BC should be able to verify their training OOCly with a sim admin if needed. If you are posing as a BC ICly, then you should not claim to be one OOCly as well.

1. The Assassin must provide evidence of their legitimacy to the sim Assassin Mods; if not known, must upon request provide a form of certified training papers or a letter of reference signed by at least two or more recognized Master Assassins. An Assassin is not required to seek IC or OOC permission from the Administrator to hunt on the sim for validation of their hunt. Sim moderators will not require details of who the target is IC or OOC, and the target of the Assassin is not required to be informed IC or OOC, either.


2. The Assassin must clearly be able to identify the target through direct IC knowledge gained in RP. This will be included as part of the RP record. Tag reading and/or use of radar/minimaps is not allowed. Three visits inside the city on three different days as a minimum is required in the Hunt phase, before entering the Kill phase. The black mark must be emoted to the target at least once before the initial strike. These visits must be notecarded and provided to a mod of Port Lydius if the validity of a Kill is contested.


3. Sanction for a Black Caste kill that requires a group of Assassins (as part of the Kill Phase) must appear as an IC scene in the RP record of the hunt, in which the Assassins approaches the Master Killer. Such a kill is considered to be a group, would consist of three or more Assassins knowingly hunting a single target, led by the Assassin initially hired by the client.


4. Assassins wearing full black livery and be marked by the black dagger on his forehead will be granted the following considerations:

* Passage through the city gates, to be left alone to do their work without undue interference.

* Bypass of the 30 minute rule, to be able to attack the target whenever opportunity allows without prior warning.

* Bypass of the requirement for multiple emotes in order to kill the target; a single description of the act will suffice.

Once a weapon is drawn for the initial assassination attempt, an Assassin can be attacked and waylaid as usual.


5. An Assassin that successfully reaches and departs from the designated TP exit point after the kill is deemed to have provisionally completed his Kill Phase. If the Assassin is captured or killed on his way to the exit, that does not automatically invalidate the Kill Phase, assuming everything else would have been otherwise valid. The Assassin must make his RP record of the hunt available to the sim moderators on request. For privacy reasons, the Assassin may alter the identity of the client.


6. The Assassin (and his client) is not required to recognize any further IC interaction No subsequent IC reprisals coming directly from the target back to the Assassin and/or client or vice versa will be honored.


7. Those coming to hunt in Lydius Port claiming to be of the Black Caste but who are unable provide satisfactory proof of legitimacy may be killed out of hand by any legitimate member of the Black Caste, without the 30 minute roleplay provision.

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