Sailing around the World – Part 11 – Exploring Route 8

Sailing around the World – Part 11 – Exploring Route 8

This is a rezz zone at route 8 on Satori. What am I doing here and what has it got to do with sailing, you might ask yourself. Ok, let me explain: We (Me and Leo that is) did set sail the other day and sailed the Western Coastal Waterways of the Satori continent in Southern direction .

Sailing Satori

Speeding at 12 knots along the coast of Satori

We did so after some hot sex at home (see sex pics here), so we (especially him) were kinda relaxed when traveling and not thinking about sex all the time. Getting it out of the way, so to speak. Well that part kinda failed: He was still staring at my ass most of the time anyway.

The Satori Western Waterways end pretty abrupt. Just end of story, no way to proceed the journey by boat. It ends here:

Satori Waterways

End of Western Waterways of Satori

One option I had (Leo had to go back to RL in-between) was using my seaplane yet again. However, I was stuck on the South-West of the continent and the Eastern Waterways are located North-East. This meant I would have to fly almost over the entire continent. Given my previous experiences flying over a continent makes this a mission impossible. To many banlines, security orbs, no entry parcels and not to mention all the rubbish in the sky.

Luckily I did discover right behind this property the rezz zone of route 8. Route 8 is an extensive road network on Satori. Some time ago I bought a bike. I have not used it much, as at the time I was on an old computer with not much processing speed and a so-so graphic card. Now I have much better coputing power: 12 GB RAM and an Nvidia Geforce 960.

Time to give it a go. Said and done, I rezzed the bike and off I went. After quite a ride over many miles the first challenge was to be overcome. The road was interrupted at this lake.

Route 8 on Satori

Route 8 on Satori

How bizarre! The only way to get to the other side where the road continues, was with a little sail boat. Free to get, free to rezz. It was a silly sailboat. Very basic really. But more important, it is quite a challenge to cross the lake. Again, banlines and no entry parcels. How stupid is that?

Crossing the Lake

Crossing the Lake

I made it eventually and rested at this small Japanese style square. Quite busy place actually.

Then I did ride almost the entire road network of route 8. Most of the landscape is pretty boring: shops, private parcels, a lot of abandoned land. However there are some highlights on the way which make up easily for the 90 percent of a dull experience.

Those are the few pretty sceneries on route 8 on Satori:

Finally reaching my destionation: A rez point on Danu Beach Northwest of Satori:


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