Seeking a Sugar Daddy – Ride on Blake Sea

This it what it says on Charleens profile:

Open minded girl who would enjoy being spoiled by a wealthy Gentlemen. In return I would be his pleasure girl and companion whenever he needs me and for all his fantasies. Will you be my sugar daddy?

Loves to go shopping. Well, don’t we all like that? Not new in SL, just a fresh start. Interested in sailing, flying planes , music events and photography.

Also love sex..

Pretty clear mission statement isn’t it? Did not work out so far. Not that there are no guys who would play that way, but the first one I had to give this a try was not happy with the frequency of sex (or the associated cost) and the second found a true girl friend.

People do read profiles. So eventually somebody who likes the idea (and can afford it), might make contact, I thought. Yes that actually could work. Yesterday I went to one of my favorite adult beaches. No plan, no intentions, just hanging out and wait for things to happen.

I was bored and about to leave when this tall guy started talking to me. I told him, I am about to leave and go sailing.

Sex Beach in Second Life


“If you want you can join me for a little ride on blake sea”, I said . I meant a ride on the boat not on myself, at least for now. He didn’t have a clue what blake sea is. I am always a bit surprised that only few people actually know about the biggest sail-able continent in Second Life. I took him with me to a rez island.

Rez Point in Blake Sea- Spyglass Sim
Rez Point in Blake Sea- Spyglass Sim

He was startled about the sheer size and beauty of the surrounding regions. Out comes the yacht and seconds later I am setting sail, taking course South heading for Honah Lee Islands. He commented on the exciting panorama referring on my bottom, not the beautiful landscape of the island ahead of us (little fun fact: the island ahead of us was Caroline’s home island).

Sailing Blake Sea


Under excellent wind conditions, we made quite a bit of millage. Passing the entire coast line of Hona Lee, going as far as Francis Deep – mermaid territory. We actually saw one diving under the boat. He was astonished that such creatures actually exist in Second Life.

“When I was approaching you on the beach, I actually was attracted by what your profile states. But now I found a real treasure, I am happy we did this wonderful trip” he remark at that stage.

“Ok, so you fancy the idea of having me as your sugar babe”, I inquired. “Well, to be honest, I would not be interested, you seem to be fun being with and frankly you are very sexy!”

I smiled, and decided to take a little break in front of this what I thought to be almost deserted coast. We talked there for a while, about land and having a home in Second Life as well as how I actually got the boat and my previous failed attempts to become a rich man’s kept girl.

Sailing Blake Sea


Then he said:

“I don’t want to lie to you, I just came back from a break in Second Life and I am not sure how much time I will be able to spend in Second Life. Hence if you find in the meantime another guy as your sugar daddy, do not wait for me”.

“We will see”, I replied, “let me show you the inside of the boat, By accident I clicked on the “shower” button in the menu (as opposed to sit in cabin) and found myself standing in the shower having his hand touching my private parts.

“I like that, maybe time to take of my pants”, he cheekily said. You know were this is leading, don’t you? I pulled him out of the shower, sat him on the couch and started to get into action.

Charly's Blow Jobs Second Life
Charly’s Blow Jobs

Later we moved onto the bed. Despite of his not really perfect English, he proved to be a pretty good emoter.

Finally we went on the deck, he almost at the point of cuming where he took me in the ass, which he had all the time in front of his face whilst sailing. I knew this is risky, as we were in a public M-rated region. We could get caught by anyone, anytime, fucking in public.

Getting Anal Fucked
Getting Anal Fucked

It had to happen. Another yacht was passing us, right in this moment. It was then that I realized we are actually mooring close to a yacht club. I should have check before, but hey, spontaneous sex by surprise – you do not start planing or relocating when that happens, you just do it there and then. The danger of actually getting caught is the extra kick in this anyway. Ask Cathy, she knows exactly what I mean.

Yacht Club Blake Sea
The sign on the right belongs to the Yacht club

It didn’t have any consequence, no report, no complaints. The other sailor actually passed us three times, probably enjoying the view himself. Not an ever day perspective to see a sexy girl getting ass-fucked on the deck of a yacht, I guess.

However, we decided to go under deck after he released himself in my ass.


I am curious, if this leads to anything more. I will keep you updated! And as always: comments are welcome and appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Seeking a Sugar Daddy – Ride on Blake Sea”

  1. Yes Cathy,

    and I was thinking of you for a moment when I did it. I dare you to get fucked in public too and to write about it here on Second Life Adventures. Not in an adult region, but somewhere in the blake sea and open air haha.


  2. Haha! Very fun adventure and risky to do that there! But you are just like me Caroline, you like this extra risk don’t you?

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