Sailing around the World – Part 1- a Day on Blake Sea

It started in one of those extreme adult sims. The one I wrote about some time ago here. My intention was to promote the Magic Dream Angels Club. So I slipped in my „work uniform“, a set of very sexy lingerie called “black lace” and was basically standing around in that place in a crowd of guys and girls looking for a fuck. But sorry guys, this will not be a report of yet another sex adventure as things went in a different direction – literally.

Suddenly a totally naked girl called Ana, who was standing around there too, IM-ed me: „Hey I know you from your blog“. We started talking a bit and apparently she is a fan of my writings. She seemed pretty excited to meet me in person. Ana told me, when she first saw me she thought: „Hey, that girl looks like Caroline Resident“, then she saw my name and her jaw hit the floor. I felt a bit like a celebrity when she told me this. Am I already famous?

I invited her over to the club and we continued our conversation at the Tiki bar. She was a bit embarrassed that I met her naked at a sex club and she assured me , she just wanted to „goof around with noobs“, whatever that exactly is. She dressed up at the bar, to show me the “usual” Ana:


I suggested to her working with us at the club and she seemed to like the idea. Lest see if I found a new team member for us. She definitely has the looks for it, don’t you think so? A face with personality, a nice figure and especially her hands caught my attention, so slick and elegant. I am sure Rebecca will go wild when she meets Ana.

After a while Abi (Abraham Windstorm, an old friend of mine) joined us at the bar. Suddenly I had a spontaneous idea: “Why don´t we go on a little sailing trip?”. Both liked the idea and off we went to the St. Martin region in the very South-East of the Blake Sea. In fact this area of the Blake Sea is the very South-East of the Second Life mainland. The end of the world so to speak.

I rezed the Looneta, the sailing yacht I bought recently and off we went. We had good wind conditions and at times we really went quite fast at about 10kts.. This was when I realized, what a great boat the Looneta is. The movements on the water, the sounds, the waves the boat makes when moving through the sea, all of it extremely realistic. If you have a little bit of imagination, the immersion can be that good, you can almost feel the wind and water.


After crossing at least 20 very beautiful tropical SIMs we sailed past a girl who had a bit trouble with her own boat and we invited her to join us. She was a pretty little girl from Spain called Anne. This was when I gave Abi the control of the boat. He is far more experienced with sailing and I wanted to be able to focus on the conversation rather than on wind and waves.

Every mans dream, a sailing trip with three beautiful women in bikini, isn’t it?


There was one moment when me and Ana came a bit closer, caressing each other a little, not much and almost casual but it did feel nice and sensual. Lets see to what this might lead eventually!

A little later Pit, a guy I know from the Club, also joined us. Unfortunately he could not speak English, hence it proved to be a bit difficult to include him into the conversation going on. Despite we all had a lot of fun on the little boat. Ana even said: “I should have been gone to RL life an hour ago, but this is too exciting”.

When we reached the open waters of Blake Sea, were the winds are strong and the waves high, everybody was excited about crossing a huge part of the mainland by boat instead of the usual teleport system. We must have crossed at least 50 SIMs when we reached the Ibiza region in the very North-West of the Blake Sea.


Here we docked the boat and finished our sailing trip. From this location I will start my trip around the mainland which I had been planing for some time.


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