Sailing with Caroline and Joy

Dear Carol’s readers,

It has been ages I did not post on this blog. I am very happy to write again here as it reminds me kindly my shy beginnings under Caroline’s scrutiny, following her advice to try to make it well, and more importantly to enjoy the experience, look at what was my first post then. Well, I am still alive after more than one year of blogging and definitely not ready to give up, my own blog is working fine and I am creating a little community there.

Caroline and I are now, unfortunately, very sporadically online at the same time. Something I deeply regret since I had a lot of excellent times with her, some nice adventures I like to remember, and a few intimates encounters too. That day when I came online was very special: you guessed it, Caroline was online, but not only her, some time later, Joy as well, another old friend I knew when Caroline was still running the mansion. Joy is actually the former girlfriend of Dainiz, himself being the former business partner of Caroline … a business that ended with a lot of grief.

I do not remember if I contacted Caroline first, or if it was the other way around but we very quickly agreed to meet. Caroline was about to sail on her nice little boat. I slipped into my swimsuit and joined her in the harbor where she parked (not sure this is the proper word for sailors) her boat.

The wind was good and very quickly I was not able to see the coast anymore. Caroline is definitely a skilled skipper and she knew exactly where she was headed to. She managed some very dangerous maneuvers while calmly talking to me. All I had to do was to enjoy the fantastic sceneries of the sea, the beaches we were sailing along. I have no memory of where we were, but definitely Caroline should be able to fill the gaps. I just enjoyed the caress of the sun while admiring the perfect bottom of Caroline * giggles * , well discreetly and with class off course! 

At sunset, we stopped over at a little exotic harbor and took Joy on board. We resumed our little journey in the soft darkness of a calm night, with only the moon to light us up. Joy did not change a lot actually, she always dresses with style, even when we are talking of a simple bikini, she knows how to add accessories to give her that indescribable class. We chatted the three of us for some time, catching up, telling each others our little stories, findings and projects.


I did not see the time passing, alas I had to leave them a lot earlier than I would have expected. I forced them to stop by again to let me disembark. I waved them goodbye until the boat vanished in the darkness of the night. I left with a wide smile crossing my face.

Not much happened as you can see, but definitely this is those moments who actually count. Just like the real life, it is not always when you are having an active life, running and doing a lot of things at the same time that you enjoy your life better … maybe some do, not me. No actually I prefer those calm moments when you have time, when you can take the time to discover more your acquaintances, your friends, your lover. Second Life definitely adds to the magic of these moments, because in a second, you can teleport yourself, in a fantastic place, with some of your friends who can live on the other side of the planet. I know this is all basics of Second Life, but I wanted to share this again as I am never tired of experimenting these magic evenings or afternoons.

Be well all, enjoy your second life the much you can, meet your friends and discover the world !! Caroline, please show us again, set sail to new destinations, and give us the inspiration to be discoverer as well and share with others.

Kiss, kiss


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