Sailing around the World – Part 2 – Zombie on Board!

Do you remember my post about “sailing the blake sea”? It was the first part of a planned trip around the entire mainland.  I have not followed up on the story as suit as I should have. That is because I was very busy at the club. Today I finally can give you a little update.

The last time, I arrived at an Island in the very North-West part of the Blake Sea called Ibiza. That is were I did set sail for Nautilus again. Nautilus is the closest Second Life continent to the Blake Sea. You will reach it sailing straight west wards from most parts of the western Blake Sea, as it is a rather large continent, famous for its water ways but unfortunately infamous for having the most ban-lines of all continents.

For those of you knew to Second Life, I should explain this stuff about continents a bit at this point. You know that Second Life is comprised by many different regions, also referred to as SIMS. We actually differentiate between two types of regions. For one there are the “private estates”. You have most likely visited many of them when you went to clubs or other social venues which are typically located on stand alone private estates. Those estates are owned by a Second Life resident and are usually not attached to other regions, unless the resident owns several regions. The only way to get to or leave a private estate is via teleporting.

The other type of region are the mainland regions. Those are of the same size, but form attached to each other the individual 9 continent of the so-called mainland. Just to give you an Idea about the size of one continent: Nautilus is formed of of 864 regions and together with its neighbor Satori and several subcontinents (such as the blake sea) we are talking about a super-continent with something in the region of 2.000 regions attached to each other forming a huge landmass.

See a map of Nautilus here:

Nautilus Continent in Second Life
Nautilus Continent in Second Life

More details about Nautilus on the Second Life Wiki

Many noobs, if not all, do not realize for a long time, that such “mainland” actually does exist in Second Life and instead hop from one private estate to the next by teleporting, thinking this is how the entire Second Life grid is actually build. For those visiting the mainland for the first time it might be an overwhelming experience, simply it is something they did not expect.

I show you what the mainland is all about by trying to sail the entire mainland and take pictures of its special places and sometime breathtaking landscapes.

Back to the trip

I had passengers actually, when I headed west towards Nautilus. I met him when I just logged in elsewhere and he appeared right in front of me. The guy actually logged into Second Life the first time after years in absence. I found that quite funny that the first thing he sees after “sleeping” for a long time, is sexy me in my work outfit.

Zombie on board
Zombie on board

He was quite impressed how different Second Life looks today compared to when he got his avatar to sleep for more than a year. So I decided to take him with me on my sailing trip. I change to a more appropriate outfit and off we went via TP to my last sailing location in the Blake Sea.

Unfortunately he did not see much of it, as shortly after leaving the docks of Ibiza he apparently went AFK for some reason for the entire route. Felt like having a zombie on board.

Anyway, a short while after I reached the East coast of Nautilus. From where I started to the coast I only had to cross no more than 4 regions (nothing for Nautilus standards). The coast held a bit of a surprise for me. I knew the Southern Shores of Nautilus form before, as I used to have a region there which hosted an art gallery I used to have. That was before Caroline was born, in another Second Life so to speak.

But I never knew how popular sailing actually is in the is region. This part of its coast is full of privately owned parcels all with luxury houses and yachting moors for one or more boats. It looks everybody who owns a parcel here is into sailing or yachting.

Shores of Nautilus
Shores of Nautilus

I did set course North, heading towards the Corsica continent. I passed at least 15 to 20 regions. Every parcel sold and occupied , I must have passed thousands of boats and moors. Always a stead wind from behind I developed quite some speed there, especial in open waters. I can tell you it was great fun, despite of the zombie sitting on the boat staring at my ass all the time. I wondered if he would bit!

Finally I reached a region were rezing appeared to be allowed. I lowered sails and went engine on slow speed, slowly to the coast and realized: Its a public marina. There I moored and jumped on land to have a look around.


To me huge surprise there was one moor actually available for rent. All other Moors were actually occupied. Other than this moor-parcel, there was a small parcel of land right next to it available for rent at the price of 3.500 LD per week, for only about 2.000 Square meters. A lot of money for such a small parcel. But hey, it has access to Blake Sea!

The price was incredibly low: just 100 LD per week including a 50 prim allowance. This is a bargain for the this part of the mainland. I did not have to think very long about this, I took the place for the next 10 weeks. Now I have a base for exploring Nautilus in depth before I will continue further North to the next continent called Corsica.

New Home on Nautilus East Coast
New Home on Nautilus East Coast

The nice thing about it is, that I have a permanent home location for my boat. Feels cool to have a boat as my home in Second Life. It has everything a small home would have as well, but I can move with it wherever and whenever I want. In addition all tenants of the marina can use free of charge their party club location in the sky and a sky airport. What else would you want as a base for 100 LD per week.

Cabin of my boat
Cabin of my boat

My Zombie woke up: “Sorry phone call, what happened?”

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