Sailing around the World – Part 10 – Satori

We did not do it in the end. What? Well, having sex in that chapel which Leo and myself discovered the last time. We met there right after I have been booked for an one hour sex encounter by this fan. I wrote about that in my last post. I had enough sex for the day and we decided to continue the journey instead. Poor Leo 😉

We were still stuck on that sea surrounded by landmasses. There was no way to get to that ocean between the Nautilus and what is called the Satori continent in the South of the mainland by boat. Hence once again the seaplane was our best option.

This time it worked out very well. Smooth take off, no turbulence on the way and I managed to actually land the plane as opposed to crash it somewhere. Finally arriving at the main ocean between the continents on the South coast of Nautilus.



Here we found something which could be of interest to anyone of you dear readers who want to try or practice sailing himself. There is this small public sailing club where you can rez boats and you get some freebies too, such as appropriate cloth. There are maps of the region too and it looks like the owners occasionally arrange races here. Probably a good start to get into this fun activity in Second Life.



Anyway, time to set sail again to cross the ocean , taking course South West heading for Satori. Crossing about six or seven open water regions, land in sight! We reached the North of Satori – a milestone in my attempt to travel around the mainland.



Did not take me long to find a place to moor the boat. This rather interesting airport right on the coast had a moor for the coastguards. One side was actually not used, so I decided to anchor here hoping the owner doesn’t mind. The owner actually did contact me about it a few days later, asking very friendly if I want to come and get my boat back. I told him I will come soon and write about this place – but that is a story for another post.

Here the taxi:



Stay tuned , to be continued soon.

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