Sailing around the World – Part 5 – Reaching Corsica

Setting sail again and taking course for Corsica. This time I had Toni with me. You remember him? Its the guy I gave some lessons in love some time ago. Ever since we became friends and meet quite regularly. like here when we went diving and such. He was actually the one who introduced me to Chear and Mel at the Magic Dream Angels Club and I got him hooked on sailing in Sl too. In fact he has now a quite big yacht and a moor in blake sea

We actually were looking at some property, as he is thinking about establishing a home in Second Life, sort off, when I invited him to join my next „etappe“ on my trip around the world.

Raising anchor at Jackson’s parcel (where I last stranded, you remember) setting sail and taking course direction east towards open waters, beyond which are located part of the „Seychelles regions“. This however proved to become a difficult task because we had wind from east. Cruising time. Cruising is in fact the most difficult sailing exercise. It basically means going zick-zack trying to catch enough wind in the sails to move forward. Southeast, then Northeast and so on. Requires a lot of concentration, especially at the turn-arounds.

The Seychelles Regions

We managed. Arriving the Seychelles regions, we took course Northwest and the strong east wind gave as speed. The boat was leaning a lot to the left, especially when I did set the spinnaker sail. We reach almost 8 knots that way and left region after region behind us, passing numerous little very beautiful islands on the way.


Until we were faced with yet another idiotic idea of another Second Life resident!

There is only one way to reach Corsica from the Seychelles. One passage only between the two continents, at least on this side of Nautilus. Exactly on the last sim/region of this waterway somebody did put up this wall, making it apparently impossible to pass towards the coast of Corsica. I live in Berlin, which makes me a person being allergic to stupid, unnecessary walls!


However, I found a tiny little passage on the west side of that region. My boat did fit just about through there and Ahoi waters of Corsica. I had arrived at the Southern shores of the continent going westwards. That means I am not sailing around the continent as I had originally planed, but sailing between the continents Nautilus and Corsica.

On the Coast of Corsica

Corsica surprised me: There is a lot of nothing. The shore line consists mainly of green hills and some small bays and beaches in-between. At first I saw a couple of buildings (got stuck in banlines for a moment around a privat property), but the further you go West the more nothing there is. We passed several regions with hardly anything on there but the occasional set of trees or a little tiki hut.


Also we saw several parcel classified as “abandoned land”. That means it has been sold to somebody who then stopped paying tier fees and just walked away from it. By the way: If you see abandoned land somewhere and you fancy this specific piece of property, you can contact Linden Lab support and ask for this land being put on the land auction system. This way you can sometimes buy land at a real bargain price.

The downside of it is: those parcels are usually rather remote in the middle of nowhere, which is probably the reason the original owner abandoned it. The advantage: no lag, no annoying neighbors (actually no neighbors at all) and a lot of privacy. If thats what you are looking for, the Southern coast of Corsica might be just what you were looking for.


Finally we reached a parcel, which allows to rez objects. An ideal location to finish the etappe for today and rez the boat right here next time, when I continue my trip around the world.

Sex at the end of the world

There was actually a building on this particular parcel. We decided to go on land and have a look around. The region happens to be owned by somebody selling “breedables”, such as horses and little fantasy animals – a Second Life past time, which at one stage was quite popular. For this guy the location is just perfect. Breedables consume quit a lot of sim resources, which might annoy neighbors not being able to move of lag and scripts, but here in the middle of nowhere he has no issues with that.


So we went to the house. Nobody there, no banlines, no security orb and the doors unlocked. “What for?” Toni remarked, “there is nobody around anyway”.

We entered rather different totally round house with those huge windows offering a view over the sea. In the upper part he had a beautifully lighted bedroom on some sort of a gallery , from which you can look down to the living area. Very pretty.

I jumped on the bed and said to Toni with tongue in cheek: “Hey, there is space enough for two, we should relax a bit after a hard day on the sea!”. “I know how this is going to end”, he replied. I laughed , took of my shirt and tossed it at him.

He joined me on the bed and said: “ I so want to fuck you !” . Said and done. We didn’t bother much with foreplay and such, teared off our cloth and he took me there and then passionate and fast. The fact that the owner could surprise us any given moment added some extra excitement to it.



Afterwards we stayed a bit longer, talked, cuddled on the bed, watching the sun go down over Corsica indicating the way for me when I continue my trip around the world!



To be continued…going west!


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