Sailing around the World – Part 4 – Stranded on Nautilus

I knew this is going to happen eventually. I stranded on the coast of The Nautilus continent.

I am shipwrecked!

I continued my trip on the North-East coast of Nautilus. I rezed my yacht on the “rich guy’s property”, set sail and took course north, with the intention to reach the Corsica continent that day.  Suddenly the ship disappeared and I found myself on the ground of the sea.

What happened? I crossed a sim info a region, which does not allow the entry of objects such as boats or planes. I was really pissed off. As I said above, I was anticipating problems like no objects, banlines and security orbs, but when it actually happens, I can tell you are not a happy person anymore.

<rant start>

I do understand that there are legitimate and valid reasons to use banlines or similar methods to keep people away. For example:  if you are celebrating a wedding on your property, you most likely would not be very amused, if a naked noob runs through the place, showing off his pixel erection. Go figure. Same applies for business meetings, private parties or when having some intimate time with a significant other.

Yes I do understand! Seriously!

But what the fuck does it matter, when in your ABSENCE somebody wants to cross your waters or airspace with a boat or a plane. Come on folks, you are not even online or at least not on the property. So who fucking cares? Nobody will steal your virtual items and nobody will destroy your house. Everything will be exactly the way you left it behind.

But no! There are people in Second Life, who seem to have a very strange, egoistic and possessive attitude. Something down the line: “Hey fuck off, I pay for this parcel, so when I am not here, nobody else is allowed here either. I eject you just because I can, for no other reason.

My humble opinion is: This is just downright selfish, rude and bears any sense of community.

The worst are those security orbs. Usually they are set to eject you 10 seconds after entering the property. You even get a little message telling you about it.

Hey you, yes you, the security obsessed paranoid orb user:

How for fuck sake can I cross an entire region in ten seconds with a boat or a plane? Can you not have the damn courtesy, to set this fucking stupid piece of software to let’s say – 10 minutes? You are that selfish, not to grant me 10 friggin minutes to pass your MAINLAND property?  What is the problem in letting an object (a boat for example) cross over the water in front of your house?

You should not even be on the mainland. In my opinion, people like you should be limited to private estates. If you are that concerned about “this is mine, my treasure, only for me” then a PRIVATE estate suits your lifestyle perfectly well. Buy one and let nobody in – perfectly valid. You will have a very lonely Second Life, but hey, if that rocks your boat, go ahead. I am sure you are one of those guys who wine at the forums about not having friends – keep wining you don’t deserve friends  anyway!

</rant end>

Good, that was fun. Now back to the actual story.

I activated my swim hud and made it eventually to the shores. My anger was cooled down a little and I had a look around what’s to explore. First thing was this “outdoor living room”. I thought it is an interesting idea to have the living room in front of the house instead of in the house. Hey, your world your imagination!


I sat down on that sofa and a few moments later I noticed a guy in the neighboring house. I (never on the shy side of life as you probably noticed) did send him an IM. He invited me over to his place and we started a very pleasant conversation, just what I needed to save my day.

He was very talkative actually and told me about his ex-girlfriend, his hobbies and so on. We found out that we have quite a lot in common, such as sailing, flying planes, photography and a very liberal attitude about sex. He and his girlfriend used to have adventures with other couples as well as threesomes and such. He actually said: “Second Life is like Disneyland and who wants to do always the same ride?” – Good point!

He works as a photographer for an In-World Magazine and showed me his flickr stream. I was amazed about the quality of his work. I have never seen such brilliant In-World photography, not even in the days back when I was running an art gallery myself (under my main account).

In the end, he added me to the property group, to allow me to rez my yacht on his seafront property in order to continue my trip from here – next time I log in. That was nice of him and shows sense of community. I jokingly said: “You know me 5 minutes and I already move in here”. We laughed and decided to meet again soon!

So this parcel will be starting point for the next stage of my trip around the world! Stay tuned!

Dear readers: What do you think about banlines and sec-orbs? Please leave a comment below, your opinion is greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Sailing around the World – Part 4 – Stranded on Nautilus”

  1. “Second Life is like Disneyland and who wants to do always the same ride?” – just EWww but I guess that’s more than liberal I’d say borderline libertine debaucher.

  2. I just started sailing and I was intrigued by your idea of sailing around the mainland. When I started (still being somewhat of a noob in SL) I assumed that the entire SL world was connected and I would be able to sail to various clubs and sims. I quickly learned that wasn’t going to happen, particularly in the Adult rated areas which seem to have little or no sail-able territory. The ban line problem just makes this worse.

    I could understand banning anyone from going in your house but banning the use of the water at the edge of your property seems like overreach by the property owners, particularly on the mainland. Is the problem that SL only allows an all or nothing ban line for property?

  3. I agree with your rant on the security orbs. I never go into private property intentionally but have wandered there while looking for something else. It’s annoying and irritating being teleported back home in the middle of a trip because I accidentally crossed private property. Thanks for bringing that up. Makes a lot of sense to me. Some people take this place way too seriously and if they do, need a visit to the shrink to fix it. This is NOT real life people! Relax, take it easy, and enjoy your stay but let others enjoy it also. Thanks Caroline 🙂

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