Sailing around the World – Part 3 – The Coastal Waterways

I finally got around to continue my sailing trip. You remember? I wanted to sail around the entire mainland, assuming it is actually possible. I started on the very south east edge of blake sea heading for nautilus where I parked the yacht in a marina for some time.

A couple of days ago, it was time to set sail again heading further north. I had company on board. Danni who works with me at Magic Dream Angels joined me on the trip.

We had very good wind conditions hence the boat moved along pretty fast. We sailed at the eastern coast of Nautilus straight north in regions known as „Coastal Waterways“. Just like on the southern coasts of Nautilus, we saw lots of marinas and sailing clubs with hundreds of boats and yachts being moored. I never knew sailing was such a popular past time in Second Life.

Suddenly something on the map caught my attention. A huge „for rent“ sign over a parcel. I had to check this out, could be a change to acquire a plot at a very good location, even with access to blake sea. Well blake sea would be quit a bit further south, but hey at least access to it.

We approached the coast and what we saw was quite stunning: A huge villa on a parcel that must be at least half a region. I was wondering if that whole thing including the villa, several moors, private beach and gardens was all for rent, If so it must be very expensive.

„Carol, lets ask the two guys there, Danni suggested. Anchor down and off we went a couple of steps to the beach and approached these guys. The guy happened to be one guy actually. It was the new tenant of the parcel and his ALT, in the process of moving. I came to late!


The parcel was rented out to him just the day before and he was busy moving all his bits and pieces from his old parcel to this one. A conversation sprung up and he told that this is his private home which he will be sharing with his girlfriend. I asked how much this kind of parcel cost and how he finances this. 22.000 LD per month, he replied. Honestly I thought it to be much more than that. He is also very much into boats and yachts, hence the reason he needed a water front parcel.

Money doesn’t seam to be an issue for him. He made good money in Second Life in the days, casinos where still allowed in Second Life. He told me in his really crazy days he did spend 1.000.000 LD in only 10 days and spending 100.000 LD in a couple of hours gambling is not unusual for him. Ha, I met one of the rich guys in Second Life!

Danni, apparently fancied him, judging by some comments she made in IM. „He is taken, honey forget it“, I informed her. „ Come on Carol, how many of our guest are actually taken and still visit us regularly? Do the say, hey I am taken?“, she replied. Good point actually!

However she didn’t persue the idea, as she had to get off to real life. I added him to my friends list and left also. He allowed me to rez my yacht there for  whenever I wanted to continue my trip from there. Nice of him! Actually all people I met so far who are in the Second Life sailing or flying communities are very cool people.

I somehow feel I will meet this guy again!

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  1. Hope you will have time to pass by some of our homes, near Ahaab, (just before the airport , turning to the right if you come from the blake sea, or on vimba, on the north, near kitties lair shop, all with rezzing zones and acess to LL waters, or honnah lee northeast, just in front of the airport:)

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