Sailing around the World – Part 8 – Reaching West Coast of Nautilus

As you know from part 7, I tried to fly over the the South coast of Corsica in order to find waters easier to sail. I tried several times but did not succeed to reach that airport close to sailable waters. Either I got kicked out from security orbs or crashed into skxboxes.

I tried one last time and decided, if it doesn’t work out this time, I will walk to the shores. Almost, I almost reached my target, but crashed yet again into some rubbish in the sky. At least I was wearing my parachute, so at least I had a fun glide down to the grid.

Down on the ground, I saw saw a typical mainland scenery. Several parcels being build with weird stuff on it, even with wall paper around parcels, banlines and nothing actually fits together:


But I saw the sea! Not to far away I could see the shores of that ocean connecting Corisca to Nautilus again. At least that is what I thought it is. I also saw a bit further down a huge tree and something that looked like a garden. The closer I got to that parcel, the more curious I became. Finally I arrived on a huge parcel with beautiful gardens, waterfalls, caves, a superb beach on which one is even allowed to rez. Fantastic, here I can rez my boat and continue my journey.

But before I did so I strolled alone this place with Leo (who I Tped over) and took some pictures for you
Here the Taxi:

We decided to move on. I rezed the boat and off we went. It was then that I realized: Fuck, I didn’t make it to the ocean, there are tow regions between us and open waters. But we were lucky, we found a passage through those regions in our way. It was tricky to move the boat there as it was very narrow passage. I actually used the engine not the sails.


Finally we reached the open waters of Nautilus, yeah! Setting sail and a strong East wind lead us with 9 kts average speed to the shores of Nautilus.

At a small yacht club on its Western coast I moored the boat. I actually felt as if I had traveled in time. This marina looked like Second Life in 2007. Those of you who have been in SL that year might remember those guys with a small penis syndrome. Those who compensated their lack of manhood with huge luxury motor yachts, pretending to be part of the rich and famous society.


Those yachts do not actually move. They simply stand stand there in a marina and serve their respective owners as a home. Fine with me. Those guys hire escorts. I might actually make some money in this port.

By the way:

You can rez boats in the marina. I great place to discover the water ways of Nautilus.
Give it a try! Here the Taxi:


6 thoughts on “Sailing around the World – Part 8 – Reaching West Coast of Nautilus”

  1. I really enjoyed this installment. It’s one of my peeves about SL that it’s not just one world but a lot of stacked up non-contiguous boxes, floating ‘lands’ and the like.

    1. Morwen,

      at least some of the continents form a landmass joint together, which could be considered a world on its own (Corsica,Nautilus, Gaeta 5, Sartori and the blake sea).

      At least I have chosen to believe it is.:-)


  2. Hi Carol,
    This place you visited seems gorgeous and I will definitely drop by there sometimes soon. I definitely liked the story of the narrow passage, it sounds like an adventurer story who discovered a new road. Well nice story and I particularly appreciated seeing the beautiful Leo in it.


  3. Caroline, I really like this blog (mixes two things I love the most: sailing and sex), and have being following it for quite some time. I’m not the type of guy who usually comments on the stuff he reads, so this will probably be an exception, I guess.

    I’m a somewhat old avatar in SL (going to my 11th year), so I remember well 2007. Just bear in mind that not all avatars who “lives” in yachts do it so they can pretend to be rich and famous. Heck, we could say the same for anyone who lives in a mansion in SL as well. Some of them actually fancy the idea of having a boat as a house. And they do it in SL because they like it, or because they can’t actually fulfill that dream in RL yet, so they do it in SL.

    Also, the most well designed boat in SL of all time, imho, happens to be a behemoth of a yacht, which occupies 2/3 of a Sim and demands over 5k prims to be rezzed: the Pelouros. Made by one of the finest boat designers in SL ever: Chandon Dollinger.

    If that boat wasn’t so prim demanding, I would probably have one as my “main house” as well. It is the most cherished boat in my collection, by far, even though it can’t move an inch (Lucky us it can’t… Having a 170m yacht moving in SL would be, err, problematic). To think that a boat that was made when sculpties were still rare and meshes were just a distant dream looks as good (or better) than most boats nowadays in SL is something to behold, if you ask me. Too bad Chandon left SL a few years ago (2009 or 10, if I’m not mistaken): I would love to see what that guy could do if he had access to meshes and the likes.

    So yeah, some of us genuinely “dig” the idea of having a yacht as a house in SL. Also, are people really impressed by what someone do or do not own in SL? I mean, isn’t it all just a bunch of pixels anyway? 😛

    Love your blog, and looking forward for your next “adventure”. Kudos for the great work 🙂

    1. Marsellus

      if my post which was meant to make fun out of those yacht owners, was provocative enough to make an active poster on this blog, it was worth my while 🙂

      Looking forward to your future contributions.


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