Sailing around the World – Part 7 – Taking a Short Cut

Those of you who know about the geography of Second Life already know that I am not sailing around the entire mainland. When I reached Corsica some time ago, I set course West towards the Linden Ocean, the open water regions between Corsica and the Nautilus Continent. To sail around the entire continent of Corsica and Gaeta 5 I would have had to turn east.

I did not do that for a simple reason: It is not possible.

East from the region that connects the Coastal Waterways with Corsica, is a sim that has no sailable waters, and there are two regions owned by „Mystical Rentals“. Mystical rentals rents out skyboxes on their land on several levels and the tenants use security orbs to prevent people entering the parcel. Sad attitude but I have to live with that.

Having said that, I might do Corsica later on a bike.

On my journey throuh Linden waters South of Corsica, I came to point where I am facing that same situation. A region which I can not pass sailing. For you to get an idea, here is a map. You can see clearly what the problem is.


Of course, I could simply sail to the regions that end the continent, walk a bit over land and rez the boat on the other side of those regions and continue the journey. Well, that wouldn’t be me, don’t you think so?

You remember where I finished the last etape? Right at Smugglers Cove airport. Caroline on an airport. Those who read my stuff since a bit longer know what had to happen. Out comes my little Debonair and I plan to do a short cut, by simply flying over the problematic areas.

If it only was that simple!



Ok, here I am, ready for take off. I have done lots of take offs in the past. So that is the easy part. But I am still making that same mistake I did in the past: to not properly prepare the flight. The most important part is, actually checking the map for the route to take, to find a suitable airport and to check for potential obstacles.


Hence my first attempt ended in a disaster. Took me only 5 minutes to fly into a „Mystical Rentals Region“ (on the map you can identify them looking for regions covered with a huge heart) and being kicked out by a security orb. Wankers!


Ok, next try. This time better prepared. I manage to avoid the “Mystical Rentals” sim and finally set course to the West, where I identified an airport places after the problematic areas and right on a shore. Perfect I thought to myself.

If it only was that simple!

The airspace over the Second Life grid is full of stuff. Stuff which you can see on the map. There are skyboxes, building platforms or just unfinished rubbish the land owner forgot to delete or collect. Yes. If you are good at flying, and if you have hard ware which allows you to fly at high resolution and long distance view, you fly around those obstacles and get back on course after that.

I lack the later (some bad people insist I lack both). That is why I suddenly crashed into this funny building platform in the sky:


At that time Leo came online. Who is Leo you might ask. Well, he is a fan of Second Life Adventures. He follows this blog from day one. I bumped into him by accident the other day and he needed to say hello to me. We had a good chat that day and decided to meet up again.

I invited him to come over and have a look at the disastrous result of my flight at the risk of him making fun about me. This is Leo, good looking isn’t he?


I decided to give it another try, this time with a passenger: Leo. He felt what he calls “star struck” (I never heard that term before), as he never would have imagined to fly with me one day. I guess he also would have never imagined to crash with me one day, which is what happened a little later, again because of a huge skybox in the way.

I decided to call it a day and to try another day again. Which is what I did, ending up finding one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in Second Life. But that is for part 8 of  the “sailing around the world” series.


Stay tuned, this is to be continued …


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