Sailing around the world – setting the stage

I finally bought myself a yacht. Its called the Looneta. I bought it for a specific purpose: It is my intention to actually sail around the entire mainland, a trip around the entire Second Life World so to speak. Not in one go of course. I will sail from one interesting port or location to the next, until coming back to Blake Sea which is my starting point. Which is in itself a challenge as every time I need to find a location which allows rezing, otherwise I can not continue the trip from the location I last logged out.

Yes, I financed this great yacht from the money I made with escorting and I even have about 5.000 L$ travel money left. A juicy back-story isn’t it? How lame is using a credit card compared to this?!

I am not sure if what I plan is actually possible to achieve. There are many possible obstacles, such as ban-lines for example. I don’t even know if there are sail-able regions or open waters around each and every continent of Second Life.

I will start the trip in the Blake Sea region, going West to the Nautilus continent and then sailing its coast line as far North as possible, hoping to find a port or region were I can rez my boat to be able to continue the trip from there.

I am asking myself whether or not I will be able to go around Corsica reaching Tomuli´s restaurant on its North coast, one of my favorite places in Second Life. Will I ever reach Bay City, Second Life´s nonofficial capital? For my readers this will actually be an excellent lesson in Second Life geography. I will try to get maps of the grid to show you the different locations I visit on this trip.

By the way, if anybody fancies to join me for a part of the route, simply leave a comment under this post, telling me a bit about yourself (interests and what you normally do in Second Life), indicating your online times and user name. I will take passengers with me, for sailing and exploring that is, not for sex. For the later I am looking forward to see you at the club 🙂

Note to clients & potential clients of Magic Dream Angels:

The fact that I am traveling around the grid will obviously result in me spending less time at the club. However, I will still be available for guests, both new and regulars. If you come for some sexy fun and you don´t see me at the club, simply look at the ad-board to see if I am online. In that case you can always send me a message to find out if I am available.

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