My Second Life Story in 2016

Everybody does it. A review of the year. 2016 has been a very exciting and busy year for Caroline. That’s why I thought i do it as well: giving you a wrap up. I went through my archives and selected one post for each month. I have probably not chosen the best posts, but those who made either an impact or a change of direction on my story and best describe my journey in Second Life.


The year started with sex of course. It had to.  I am escort girl after all. New clients as well as regulars visited me occasionally in my home in blake sea. It wasn’t the busiest month in my carrier as a virtual prostitute, but I was fairly busy. January was also the month, when I set sail again and continued my sailing trip around the mainland.

Here the post for January:

Working the Street Became Working My Bedroom


Leo stepped into my second life in February. Finally I was not traveling alone anymore, as he joined me on my trip around the world. I confess, this was more than my typical casual encounters. I know he had a crush on me and I was kinda opening up a little to the idea of not being single any longer. In the end that did not happen. More on that later.

Here the post for February:

Getting Closer or Playing with Fire?


March was all about traveling. Leo joined me for a good part of the journey. I went along the coast of Corsica, crossed the Linden Ocean, surrounded Nautilus, crossed Satori following route 8 by motor bike and finally moored at familiar shores again.

The most fun on the way we had,  when we discovered this little church by accident.

Hence that is the post for march:

Sailing around the World – Part 9 – Take me to Church


April wasn’t really that busy. Nevertheless, I mad a fascinating discovery in April. The world of the mermaids in Second Life.

The under water post in April:

Twenty thousand leagues under the Sea


I was lazy in Mai. Not much happened, not much progress on any front. Just one rather bizarre encounter with a dragon and me learning about the furry community:

Post for lazy Mai:

Furries – The Most Bizarre Culture of Second Life


A lot of fucking. It was a very busy month as an escort girl. I think that was all I did in June: Going from one fuck to the next. Sometimes with several clients in just one day. I made quite some good money too. If I remember rightly, it exceeded 100.000 L$.

I sort of lost contact to Leo in those days. He was hardly ever online when I was. Different online times makes it difficult to keep in touch actually. What has begun promising, sort of faded out.

There was not much to post about in June but this:


Summer continued with my legs wide open. Until I suddenly  received a blast form the past. Joy was back, the girl you know from my times at Magic Angels and the Swinger Mansion the year before. Yet the only thing that happened in July (apart from me getting fucked right, left and center) was this sailing trip with Joy and Cathy.

The joyful July post here:

Sailing with Caroline and Joy


I felt a bit bored doing the same over and over again. Actually the sex trade became work, a routine. I thought, when I already feel a bit bored, than so must be my readers, when all I have to write about is sex encounters as a whore. I decided to do something different. I added a second story line to the blog, starting from scratch again.

The Charleen birth-post:

Temtations on Orientation Island – Start of a New Adventure


I discovered the 3DXChat. At first as a sex game. I registered and did extensive product testing. That is my excuse at least, for fucking around like crazy in 3DXChat. My god, I was such a slut this summer. Towards the end of September, I signed up for their affiliate program and 3DXchat became my most important advertiser.

This September post wins the slut-post of year award:

Fuck Around the Clock Tonight – Online Sex Game 3DXChat


October was by far the busiest month of the year. Possibly the busiest ever since this blog exists. It was difficult to actually pick one post. The Charleen story unfolded, my sex life was kinda exported to 3DChat and I was not very active as an escort any more. I did not consciously decide to no longer work as a prostitute, I was just very busy doing other things. More important things. In fact my curiosity for the porn industry in Second Life, was probably a turn key in my second life story.

Hence the October post has to be the porn business post:

What’s the Porn Business like in Second Life?


I got serious about business in November. Very fucking serious. My income from the 3DXChat affiliation surpassed 1.000 Dollar. US Dollar that is. In addition I stumbled across a fantastic business model. It is actually very simple: produce naughty machinima porn, load it on a tube website, place affiliate banners and promote the site with paid traffic. It is not a new business model. The site is doing the exact same thing, but on a huge scale.

Hence the November post is about a real shift in direction:

Our Naughty Machinima Porn Site


People started to get interested in my new venture. I had my first investor in December (1 Mllion L$). Too are still thinking about joining in with some serious cash. All of them previously regular sex clients. It was also the month in which I left the blake sea and moved into a picturesque little town called Saratoga Springs. By the way, I met Leo again in December too.

The post for December is this though:

The Indecent Proposal

Outlook 2017

The main story to be continued is my new porn business. You will read about other porn producers, about castings, about porn stars all with a strong bias on business. There will be escorts stories too, but a lot less than before. I also want to go sailing and flying again and maybe I pick up the Charleen story again.

However I also want to continue other story lines. Please leave a comment which one was your personal favorite this year and tell me about what you would like to read.

I am looking forward to yet another exciting year and wish all my readers a great new year with a lot of fun. Save paths to all of you in these dangerous days, and thank you for being my readers. Without you, all this would be worthless.

Love you all.


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