We are sailing!

We are sailing!

You want to try something different in Second Life? So did I and off I went to the Yachting Club Eden. In fact, my friend Abraham recommended me the place and did send me a TP. He had to leave shortly afterwards, but I met somebody new in that port.

At first I was a bit puzzled that he stands in the port all naked, until I realized, that it was a naturist sailing resort. Now that’s funny actually, combining sailing with nude beaches. The area consists off about 20 regions all of them sailable. However in order to rez a boat, you need to have a piece of land on one of the regions.

The guy offered me to show me, how it works to sail a really fast catamaran. No need to ask me twice and off we went for a trip around those tropical islands. It is actually not that difficult but does require some practicing.

sailing in second life

This is definitely something I suggest you try, when you are bored of going to clubs all the time. There are quite a lot of areas and regions which cater for yachting and sailing. The blake sea next to the Nautilus continent is probably the best known one, but also have a look at the beautiful Costa Rica SIMS.

My regular readers are probably wondering, what happen after the sailing  trip. Well, he showed me his beach house next to the port and his very impressive villa on the beach, and little naughty Carol could not resist but testing his bedroom. Here one of the best pics:

sex after sailing

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    […] However I do know people who have slex, because they have difficulties to maintain a satisfying sex life in real life. One person I got to know in Second Life is paralyzed and therefore sexually deprived (his own words). Its the one I fucked with here: Sex after sailing. […]

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