My latest noobs

You guys know I have this thing about noobs. It is a turn on for me to introduce new residents to second life sex. Someone has got to do it, so why not a professional sex worker like me?

Yes, I became a professional. It wasn’t planned that way. It just happened. The first time I had sex for money was actually by accident: My first time whoring.

A bit later I did it again. It was then that I realized, I am in the sex business anyway, selling subscriptions to an online sex game.

I was using sex as part of the sales pitch and I was entertaining our subscribers ingame. Yes, that means having sex with them.

So why not becoming an professional sex worker and having sex for money. A prostitute or a whore  basically. I tried my luck as a street whore and actually enjoy it.

Finally I started working as a sex entertainer at Caroline’s Mansion (which is also a means of promoting 3dxchat to second life residents).

This thing about noobs is a different story. I don’t charge noobs.

I simply use my experience and sex skills to show them how second life sex works. Other mentors show them how to build, how to improve their looks – I show them how to fuck.

It also gives me some sort of satisfaction to be their very first one in Second Life. Weird isn’t it?

Now let me tell you about my last noobs.

SL Noob number 1

This one particularly excited me. Why? Because he never had sex. Evere. Not in real live not in Second Life. He told me so at least.

I met him on social island. He was very shy at first. We had a quite good chat during which we (of course) touched on the topic sex as well. It was then when he told ne that he never actually did it.

He was very shy about it of course. I suggested I could be his first one if he wants to know how it feels.

We went to the mansion. I sat in my sexy lingerie on the bed. I had to relax him first, calm him as he was very nervous.

Second Life Noob in Caroline's Mansion
Second Life Noob in Caroline’s Mansion

I made him take of his cloth and came nearer, touched him carefully and explained what I am going to to at every step I advanced.

I tried to make him feel comfortable about it, trying to relax him.

Second Life Noob in Caroline's Mansion
Second Life Noob in Caroline’s Mansion

Suddenly everything changed. He stood up and sid: “Sorry Jess, I can’t do that. I am so scared. It just doesn’t feel right”.

He left in a hurry. I had my first run-out! Maybe I was not careful enough?

Left alone at Caroline's Mansion
Left alone at Caroline’s Mansion

I did send him a final message: “It is ok. No worries. When you are ready for it, give me a call and let me be your first one.”

SL Noob number 2

This one was a classic. I was dancing in the mansion on the pole when he came in. Sat down in front of me, watching my moves.

Why a classic? It is surprising how fast some of those noobs get of their cloth and show a mega-sized erection.

So did this one, including to state his real life state of arousal. The only thing missing was to send me a picture of his real cock.

Classic noob with oversized Cock
Classic noob with oversized Cock

All right, I thought, this one will not get away with it for free if at all. That is not the kind of noob I want to mentor for free.

I asked him: “ Hey you know how to use a tip jar?”.

“Sorry”, he replied, “I have no Lindens”. He left shortly after this too. My second run-out. No worries this time, I was so not in the mood anyway.

SL Noob number 3

This one was interesting actually. He just joined Second Life earlier that same day. So he said. He stood outside the club not doing anything. I invited him to come in.

A noob or not?
A noob or not?

He was surprisingly good looking for a noob. I suspected he isn’t actually a noob, but an alt (alternative account). I asked him directly about that, but he insisted that it was his very first day in Second Life and the second region he actually is visiting after a freebie warehouse called “the Dove”.

He also was a good emoter. Now that made it even more suspicious.

I should later learn that he actually joined Second Life because of Caroline’s Mansion. He was told about it – <insert drum roll here> –  in 3dxchat.

Please read the chat log, it is a good read actually (shortened and edited for easier read as usual).

Maximus: oh….so u r a member of this group as well?
Jessica: Yes, I actually work here.

Maximus: oh…nice, Interesting profile!
Jessica: You are a member too?

Maximus: yeah…just joined.
Jessica: Cool. You are not really 1 day old are you?

Maximus: smiles. Wanna join me on the couch?

Jessica: Yes, why not. So it is a new start?
Maximus: Na…..a newbie.Jjust joined SL.

Jessica: Really, you look good for a newbie.
Maximus: smiles…I try to improvise. Btw…thanks for the compliment 🙂

Jessica: You are lucky, the group normally is 1000 L$ to join.
Maximus: lol. Guess m lucky to find u here.

Jessica: so this is your first day in sl?
Maximus: Yeah.

Jessica: cool, like it so far?

Maximus  looks at u and smiles….Now…yeah…

Jessica: come on, you know emoting even , can not be your first time in sl.

Jessica moves her hips, smiles at him.

Jessica: So tell me what did intrigue you about second life most?

Maximus moves his hands around ur legs….

A noob or not?
A noob or not?

Maximus: May be the time with u will intrigue me the most

Maximus holds u near and caress ur body softly. Kisses u passionately, holds u in arms as his feels ur warmness around him.

Jessica: have you done this already in sl?
Maximus: mmmm…..must say..u r so sexy. Done what?

Jessica: Holding a girl in your arms.
Maximus: nope…

A noob or not?
A noob or not?

Maximus kisses u and smiles.

Jessica: you haven’t got any Linden$ yet right?
Maximus: Just the first day sweety. Joined this group and met u here.

Jessica: But you know how to get them I guess.
Maximus: there was something on the sl website..

Jessica: So before you only have been to the Dove where you get free stuff?
Maximus: yes

Maximus: wow…they have oral option as well. Would u like me to try them?

Jessica: haha, Would you like to see more of me first?
Maximus: sure…if u wont mind.

Jessica moves her hips seductively in front of him, then opens her dress and lets it fall on the floor.

Lap Dance for the Noob in Second Life
Lap Dance for the Noob in Second Life

Maximus looks as u move ur body. Moves his hands softly ard ur ass…

Jessica: No I dont mind, ist my job haha. Shame you can not pay tips yet.
Maximus: yeah….soon.

Jessica: Hmmm did you get yourself a penis already? You know that the standard avatar doesn’t have one.
Maximus: yes…i tried searching on…i got one…

Jessica: You like what you see?
Maximus: u r amazing love.

Jessica goes down on her knees, smiles, opens his pants and lets her hand slide into them, then grabs his penis and pulls it out saying: “Let me see what you have got there”.

Wanking the noobs cock
Wanking the noobs cock

Jessica: does it turn you on in real to watch me?
Maximus: mmmm…u have no idea.

Maximus moves his hand in ur hairs.

Jessica takes his hardening cock in her hand starts gently massaging it Feels how he gets hared under her touch, starts rubbing a bit faster

Jessica: (doing it in real?)
Maximus: mmmmm…wish u could hear me out.

Jessica leans forward and takes his cock in her mouth, starts massaging its head with her warm and wet tongue.

Oral Sex for the Second Life Noob
Oral Sex for the Second Life Noob

Maximus: Fuck I am so hard at the moment.

Jessica licks his cock head right under the top where she knows is his most sensitive spot then take it in her mouth again and starts sucking at it eagerly.

Maximus holds ur hairs back as u gulp in deeper. Slowly takes off ur panties and place them on the ground. Pulls u closer.

Jessica: Hmmm looks like you want to fuck that pussy too. How would you like to take me?
Maximus: mmm…ride me hun.

Jessica sits over his lap, places his cock on here entrance and lets him slide slowly into her.

Riding the Noob
Riding the Noob

Maximus holds ur ass  as u ride me

Jessica moves here hips slowly back and forth massaging his cock with her pussy.

Maximus feels his cock swelling up. Holds ur tits harder as u ride me.

Jessica: (you need to adjust the cock so it is in me).

Jessica starts riding him fast up and down, moaning everytime he penetrates her.

Jessica: yeees that’s it.
Maximus: see…m a fast learner

Maximus chuckles and thrusts in deeper.

Jessica rides faster, feels his cock pulsing in her.

Jessica: Come fuck me from behind take me, us me as your sextoy.

Fucked from Behind
Fucked from Behind

Maximus holds u from behind as i thrust in u harder and faster

Jessica pushes backwards at every stroke he makes into her , feeling him deep inside, moans out at very stroke into her body.

It went on like this for another 10 or 14 minutes until:

Jessica feels his cock pulsing in her, squeezes it with her pussy harder.

Maximus: cuming!


Jessica smiles as she feels his cum running through her, then dripping it on her thighs.

Maximus turns u and and kisses u.

Jessica takes it in her mouth again , sucks the last drops out of it.

Maximus: Ah fuck. Maximus: that was great.

Jessica grins.

Jessica: Glad you enjoyed your first time in SL.
Maximus: hope u had fun as well.

Jessica: Sure. Come on now tell me the truth haha, it is not your first avatar, is it? You can tell me Jessica is not my first one either.
Maximus: this is my first time hun. 🙂

Jessica: Cool, I enjoy being the first ever haha.
Maximus: mm…u r my first here in SL

Jessica: Its kinda spleen thing, I enjoy initiating noobs in sl sex. So you must have experience ni other games or worlds?
Maximus: Yeah. 3d sex plays.

Jessica: 3dxchat?
Maximus: That is how i found carolines mansion. Someone told me about this place. Now i see it is more like a promo for 3dx i guess.

Jessica: Well, in a way yes, Caroline is a very successful 3dxchat affiliate marketer, but the promotion for 3dxchat is on the websites mainly, not so much in sl.

Maximus: are u on 3dxchat as well?
Jessica: Yes, I do customer services there for all the people who signed up via our affiliate links, to make sure we have happy customers haha. I show them around and explain how everything works – including sex.

So I am really curious about this, who told you about the mansion in 3dx?
Maximus: smiles….a woman named Taj.

Jessica: What did Taj tell you about us?
Maximus: do u know her?

Jessica: No, I don’t think so.

Maximus: about the place here and that’s all. When I came, the place was empty. so just joined and was leaving…..then u pinged me here.

Jessica: I am surprised that people in 3dx know about it. You know Caroline’s site as well?
Maximus: nope


Here a review and comparison of Second Life versus 3dxchat:

At this point he crashed. Welcome to SL, I thought. After a few minuste waiting, I didn’t expect him to come back again. I went to one of our afk room to offer my body whilst typing a new blog post.

But eventually he did come back. He joined me on the bed and at first we were discussing the differences between Second Life and 3DXchat. For him it wasn’t the time yet to decide which one suits him better.

It was really his first day after all.

After a while he started touching me again. Fingering me, then licking my pussy.

Do it again?
Do it again?

Jessica: want to fuck me again?
Maximus: would love to please u.

Jessica  looks at his hardening cock , smiles and slide over his body towards his cock. Sits over it, lets it slide into her, moaning as she feels him penetrating her again.

Riding the Noob in Second Life
Riding the Noob in Second Life

Maximus: aah fuck, yeah. Just like that. Faster.

Jessicagoes up and down faster, looking in his eyes to see his reaction. Cres out as she feels him entering her again from behind.

Jessica: let me turn around and fuck me hard  on my back. omg yeees.

Getting Fucked in Second Life by a Noob
Getting Fucked in Second Life by a Noob

Jessica breathes faster, her body sweating and shivering

Maximus: fuck m close

Jessica shouts out “fuck me” at every stroke he makes into her pussy fast and hard. Shivers feeling herself getting close.

Maximus thrusts in harder and faster as i near.

Jessica: yesss use that body thats what its here for.

We did orgasm almost together this time

In the afterglow, we talked about things one can do in Second Life and the different options to modify the avatar. We decided that once he got himself some Linden Dollars we go shopping.

I suggested he should get himself about 10.000 L$. That is enough to buy decent stuff, like a mesh body, a good animation overrider and some mesh clothes as well. He should even have some left for spending money and tips (/me winks).

I will keep you posted how this story develops.


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      1. Because you should not be proud of it Jessica. You disrepect men and you need to be called out on it. You are, bad news, honey.

  1. Are all noobs randomly met? Or is it possible to “apply”?

    I’ve never played Second Life. Your tales of it are all I know about it and it seems like a really enjoyable and interesting experience. I would like to try it but I would need some kind of guide like yourself. Otherwise it seems very overwhelming.

    If I can “apply” in some way, please let me know how.

    Regardless, thank you for the stories Jessica! Great read!

    1. Hi,

      Yes, I would love to show you how it works. Simply join Second Life and look me up in User Search (My user name is (jessicaslamedia). Then send me friend request. And let me know your user name.


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