Exploring The Secret Sex Society at the Chamber Hotel in Second Life with a Customer

Today’s post is about me exploring one of the most popular hotel themed regions I have seen so far. Popular despite of joining the group (which gives you access) costs actually 750 L$.

I didn’t have to pay that myself.

Karl, one of my readers actually did invite me and paid the fee for me.

That was because I dared my readers in a previous post to find a special hotel and test it with me.

Honestly it feels a bit strange, when you get an invite like that knowing exactly that it is not just for having a cup of coffee. It was a date for sex – full stop.

I knew nothing about him.

Imagine this scenario: I could meet one of those ugly schwarzeneggerized guys with an oversized wooden cock, whose only sex skills are flicking through the menu as fast as possible.

In addition, I always feel a bit nervous about how to get started, when actually meeting someone. You know, how to “break the ice”. Getting form small talk to intimacy is not always an easy thing, despite of both knowing, this is what we met for.

And how to I get rid of him, if the chemistry is just not there? Or would I just go ahead and let him use me, wait till its over and call it a day?

You see, that is why I am a bit nervous when meeting somebody.

I met him at the door of the Chamber Hotel. Well done avatar, formal dress, very polite.

Chamber Society Second Life
Vitage Hotel Chamber Society

(By the way: in the public areas of this vintage style hotel, dress code is formal.)

Karl: /me looks you up and down appreciatively.

Jessica: So you actually found me via my blog right?

Karl: Yep!

Jessica : The hotel series?

Karl: Yeah, it was through a link you posted on Reddit, so it must have been one of those.

Jessica: So, just that we are on the same page, haha, it was a post following my invitation to book a hotel? /me giggles

Karl: /me grins. “Yeah, it was. It’s not really a hotel, but similar enough, I think. I only wish I were married to get you that much more excited.

Jessica: Well in the description I did read about a hotel role play thing, is there anything you can tell me about this place?

Karl: It is a ‘secret sex society’ and supposedly people used to gather in various areas to watch and partake in kinky sex, sometimes with masks. Nowadays they seem to gather on the waterfront, but there’s a lot of interesting areas that go unused. I idle here when things are slow in 3dxchat (thanks for that link by the way!) and it’s pretty slow, but still nice.

Ok, not only he reads my blog, he also is a customer of SLA Media (The company in Second Life I work for). He actually joined the 3dxchat game via my affiliate links.

Now that is kinky! I probably going to sleep with one of our clients. This made it actually even more exciting.

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

Jessica: Quite a lot of people it seams, is there some kind of reception, bar or similar?

Karl: There is, but like I said they mostly hang out in the waterfront. I’ll show you. They’re all back here. I haven’t really tried chatting them up but I’m sure something like that is going on. There’s a pub, barber shop, art gallery, offices, library, a study, fire escapes.

We entered the main reception. I checked the teleporters. There were several suites available and we actually checked into one.

Nice room actually, quite a bit BDSM themed. Not my thing really.

Then I saw they actually have a spa too. That I needed to see

It looked fantastic:

Spa at the Chamber Hotel
Spa at the Chamber Hotel

I found my ice breaker: The hot tub. And yes I wanted it now.

Jessica: /me looks smiling at the hot top and starts undressing. Enters the tub slowly and indicates to follow her.

Didn’t take long and we sat in the whirl pool together, naked. Now there was no question any more whats going to happen next. He got actually very explicit about what he wanted. I was turned on and my initial inhibitions gone.

Jessica: So tell me, what made you actually contact me?

Karl: I wanted to fuck you. And I liked the idea of your series.

Jessica : Why me? There are so many girls here haha

Karl: You seemed like you know what you’re doing. It’s hard to find someone who does. Plus it takes someone pretty kinky to write the kinds of things you write. An exhibitionist, at the very least. I thought it probably turned you on to fuck people who followed your blog.

Jessica: It kinda does turn me on yes. Feels a bit like being a celebrity.

Karl: It does for me too. 🙂 It’s hot!

Jessica: /me caresses his body lets her hand slide over his chest, her fingertips barely touching it.

Karl: /me grins dirtily at you, his fingers stroking up and down your back, nipping at you neck with his teeth.

Jessica: /me takes his hardening cock in her hand , starts massaging it up and down, gently.

Handjob as a starter
Handjob as a starter

Karl: /me reaches down and massages your slit with the flat of his hand, matching your rhythm.

Karl : /me stares into your eyes as he teases your clit, thrusting his hips slightly as you storoke him

Jessica: I love stroking cocks, feeling it getting hard in my hand

Karl: I can tell. You’re very good at it. Must be a passion.

Jessica: /me smiles and starts stroking his cock a bit faster, looks at it and feels how her pulse gets higher, her pussy swelling and getting hot.

(makes you hard in real too?)

Karl : /me groans at the feeling of your hand tight on his throbbing cock and pushes two fingers inside you, curling to rub you inside. (Oh yeah. I needed this.)

Jessica : /me kneels in front of him, feeling the warm water on her skin, takes his cock in both hands wanking him gently but fast.

Karl : /me throws his head back and moans lustily from the feeling of your hands. “I need to be inside you right now.”

Jessica : /me looks in his eyes, smiling cheekily and whispers: “take me if you need me”.

Karl : /me grabs you by the hips and hauls you up half out the water, manhandling you into position so he can take you as his own. Lifts you in the air and penetrates you in one smooth motion, holding you up by your ass as he slams into you again and again.

Jessica : /me cries out a little as she feels his big hard cock penetrating her.

Fuck in the Hot Tub
Fuck in the Hot Tub

Karl : /me tilts his head to bite and suck greedily at your neck as he feels you clench around him with your moan. (I really appreciate 3dxchat’s positioning now.)

It was hot. However the animations were a bit challenging and positioning not easy. Hence the reason after a while we decided to go back to the room and finish it there.

When arriving in the room, we went straight to the bed, not wasting any time. He took me again hard, passionate, almost desperate.

Fucking in the Skybox-Room
Fucking in the Skybox-Room

Karl : Ooh, fuck, this works so much better already.

Jessica : /me moans as he enters her again. Moves her hips in small circles whilst he strokes into her.

Karl : /me spreads your thighs apart with his hands and enters you, collapsing on top of you with the pleasure of feeling your satiny pussy.

Jessica : Oh yes I love that one

Karl : Fuck yeah. /me slams his hips into you, grabbing your tits to hold onto

Jessica : /me leans back, spreading her legs wide for him, cries out fuck me, use me.

/me watching his cock going in and out makes her even more wanting to get fucked hard.

Karl : /me almost roars in pleasure, tilting his hips to fuck you as deep as possible with his thick cock, slamming into you again and again. Give me that slutty pussy! I’ll make it the shape of my cock!

Jessica : Oh yes fuck me deep and hard use that slutty pussy for your needs.

Karl : I’m gonna use you to drain my balls, like a toy!

/me speeds up, his breath coming unevenly, his cock swelling as he gets closer to coming Throws his head back and yells as he spurts inside you without warning, moving his hips to keep fucking you as he comes.

Jessica : (cuming real too?)

Karl: (of course!)

/me slides one hand between your thighs to work your clit as he continues to thrust

Jessica : /me feels his sperm running through her body, smiles as he releases himself in her.

Karl : /me pounds you with his still-hard cock, grunting “Take it! Take it all!”

Jessica : /me shouts out reaching her climax: fuuuuuuck!

Released and Relaxed
Released and Relaxed

He shortly after cuming left again. Was late he said.  But hey, that is ok with me.

I was  still aroused, still in the mood. HenceI decided to go to the yard or the hotel bar, see what is there to do for me.

Maybe a little adventure with another hotel guest? That is another story for one of the next blog posts. Stay tuned…

… to be continued.


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