Seducing one of Rudi’s College Friends

I was hanging out at the Hedone family house again. Nobody else was there though. I decided to take a shower (testing the menu of that very interesting shower).

Suddenly I heard the door open. A young man stood unexpected in the bathroom looking at me. Staring at me. He must have been around 18 maybe 20 years of age. Very sexy body and an innocent looking face.

Very sexy, totally my type.

“Hello you must be one of Rudi’s college friends, right?”
He blushed, realizing that I am very well aware of his presence.

“Yes Miss, I am, I come here frequently to visit the Hedones. Sorry for disturbing, does my presence in the bathroom bother you?”

“Not at all, young man”,I replied and continued. “As long as me taking a shower does not intimidate you. Well I guess it is not the first time you see a naked woman in this house”.

He answered: “No it is not. I don’t know how old you are, but you have such a tight body”.

I knew he was excited looking at me. I could see his jeans becoming tight for him. He was shy, looked to the floor embarrassed.

Hence I invited him:

“Come join me under the shower, it is less embarrassing when we are both naked. The water is warm and nice. Come on don’t be shy, it is ok.”

He slowly, still unsure took his cloth off and stepped into the shower, impossible to hide his beginning erection.

I started touching his skin, washing him. Then let my fingertips run over his young skin going downwards, barely touching him. I reach his cock and started massaging it, feeling how it grew in her hand.

“You have a nice big cock young man”, I said.

His breath went faster. He obviously was very excited.

“You make me so horny , miss”, he confirmed.

“I love making young lads horny”, I replied, sank on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. First flicking my tongue over it, massaging it with my tongue in small circles over his cock head, finally eagerly sucking it and letting it run through my experiences lips over and over again.

“Oh my god, you are driving me crazy, if you continue like this I will cum in your mouth”.

I replied: “No no, I am sure you are eager to fuck me too, probably can’t wait for it.”

I turned around. Exposing my bum to him, inviting, sexy. I didn’t have to tell him twice. Without hesitation He took me right there in the shower. No sign of shyness anymore, just total lust and desire. Fucking me hard and deep until he did explode in me, filling my pussy with lots of his juices.

After that he needed a real life shower.

I am sure this will not be the last time I see that young man. So far the best sexperience I had at the Hedone family house.

There is however another young man part of this. His name is Lace. I will see what he is like too.
Maybe next time.


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