SEO: How to Use Spelling Mistakes to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

SEO: How to Use Spelling Mistakes to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Today’s post is not about Second Life sex or Second Life Porn. It is not even about Second Life at all. It is about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I will show you today (especially to those fellow Second Life blogger out there) why it can beneficial for your blog to rank for spelling mistakes and what you have to do to actually get those rankings. Hopefully I can help some of you to increase your traffic and maybe you are kind enough to reward me with a link to my blog.

Yes, this is link-bait.

Why links are important:

But first of all: It is not easy to rank well when you operate an adult themed website. Some of you might think: „Yes, of course, Google doesn’t rank sex sites well, just because of the topic“. That is actually not true. In fact, Google applies the same algorithms to porn sites, adult themed websites as they do with any other topic.

The real reason why adult websites are more difficult to optimize is much more simple. The most important ranking factor for Google is the amount and quality of links from related websites pointing to a given page.

Trust me, nothing is more important than links.

High quality websites are typically very reluctant to link to a site with adult content or porn. It is therefore much more difficult to get those all important back-links.

However a link is not a link. Only links which are placed in an editorial context do count towards your rankings. Links which are placed as part of a link exchange scheme, blogrols, paid links from adverts or links from directories merely count.

Hence the reason you have to write content which other bloggers or websites want to link to as a recommendation or even better: a source of useful information. That’s what this article is all about: providing you with useful information to incite you to link to this page as a resource.

Lets talk about spelling mistakes, or to be more precise: miss-spelled search requests.

The keywords this website is recently optimized for are around the topic Second Life porn. That includes keywords related to the brand of a competing website called .

Why am I doing this? Very simple. Naughtymachinima is already a well known brand when it comes to machinima porn. Therefore a lot of people actually use „naughty machinima“ in Google search. If you manage to rank well for what we call „brand keywords“, you can sort of cannibalize some of that traffic.

Imagine you just opened a steak restaurant in your city. In addition to optimizing your website for the obvious term „steak restaurant +city“, you also try to get some traffic for the term „ Maredo +city“. That’s the idea anyway.

What has that to do with miss-spelled Keywords?

Lets have a look at some data from my Google search console account. By the way: As a blogger you should have an account at the Google search console. If you don’t get on today (its free). You find it here:

Google Webmaster Tools

This first screen shot is a list of keywords my site ranks for. I have sorted them by amount of impressions received. That means how often a search result page was actually shown to a user who performed a search with this keyword.

Keywords by Impressions

Keywords by Impressions

You can clearly see that „naughty machinima“ is actually the best one on this list with almost 10.000 impressions in 28 days generating 42 clicks. That also means the CTR (click through rate) is very low compared to search terms like „second life porn“ which generated more clicks with less impressions.

The reason is obvious:

Most users did not search for information about naughty machinima or even a competing website. They did actually do a search for the the website. Or in SEO terminology: „the user intent was navigational, not informational.“ It is, of course, impossible to actually outrank the original website, because Google gives the original brand always preference. There is no way around it.

Nevertheless, it did generate some clicks.

If you look again on that list of keywords, you find another interesting one: thrixx. That is an interesting one, because it is actually a miss-spelling of the brand name „Thrixxx“ and the related website miss-spelled as In addition you also see a miss-spelled version of naughty machinima which is naughty machima.

So here we go, we identified keywords with a substantial amount of impressions in search which are NOT the actually brand but a miss-spelled version of it. The best about it my site actually ranks in the top ten for those phrases. This is much easier to achieve than trying to optimize for the actual brand.


Because there is hardly any competition. Only a few people would consider spending time on SEO for spelling mistakes. Therefore you can get rankings for search terms like these very easily. By now I guess you understand why it is worthwhile doing.

  • Thrixx
  • naughty machima

Accumulated we are looking at 1.500 Impressions per month but with a low click rate (for now). You might think now: Well but at such a low click rate, is it really worth my time? Yes it is, but you have to work on your click rate and identify more similar search terms.

Lets dig a bit deeper into the Google Search Console data

This screen shot shows you the impressions and clicks sorted by the pages which actually recieve the traffic:

The number one page receives almost 14.000 impressions in search. Still a low click rate (0.5%) for the same reasons we discussed earlier on. Now lets look at all search terms people used who ended up on this particular page:

Naughty Machima

Naughty Machima

Naughty Machima

We find even more miss-spelled search terms. So now we have:

  • naughty machima
  • naughty machinma
  • naughty machinina
  • machima porn
  • naughty mashinima
  • naughty machinia
  • naught machinima
  • naughtymachina

Totaling in access of 2.000 Page views per month. I could actually dig into this deeper and do the same analysis for other pages within the site, including the home page, to find more variations and to see how many clicks those other pages receive in addition to the page we just looked at. But for the sake of this article, this should be enough for this group of keywords

Now we do the same thing for the page which receives the thrixx impressions:

This is the page in question: thrixx

Thrixx Game

Thrixx Game

Here one thing gets very clear. The page does not rank well for the actual correct brand name. In fact: It gets the most impressions for rankings under the two miss-spelled terms:

  • Thrixx

Where do we go from here? Well, we need to actually do several things:

Further improve existing rankings

The higher we rank, the better the click rate is. It is that simple. A page listed number one, gets about 5 to 6 times the clicks than a page on position 6 or 7.

How to that?

  • This is an obvious one: Include the miss-spellings on the copy of your page within the actual content. VISIBLE! Don’t do the mistake to make the text the same color as the background to hide it. This one gets you in trouble. You have been warned.
  • Include a link to the page in question using the miss-spelled search term as link text.
  • Register a domain like and redirect this domain to the page in question. This gives you straight away the „type-in-traffic” for this one.

Write a page or an article about those terms and link the terms to the page you want to rank better, using the miss-spelled term in the link text and try to get inbound links to that page. That’s actually what I am doing right now.

Improve presentation of the page in the search results

How to do that?

  • Write a compelling and enticing page titles as well as a good description for the meta description tag. WordPress users can use a plug-in  like Yoast or SEO-Ultimate to achieve this.
  • Get familiar with schema mark up and mark as much as you can on your page.

If you have a compelling snippet which actually entices the user to click on your page and not any other page in the search results, you can dramatically improve your traffic even if you do not improve your position.

Ok, so that’s it for today. I am sure you have questions about this. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment hereunder with your question. I will answer all of them.


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