Setting Sail for Nautilus

Discovering the mainland using a plane proves to be a very hard thing to do. The reason being is the fact that many parcel owners restrict access to their land. There are either banlines, or security systems or the owner has access for objects restricted. In either case you can not pass the land and your plane might even crash.

There are however certain flight routes outlined at the airports which are considered to be safe. Those lines usually connect certain airports. If one wants to fly its highly recommanded to use those routes otherwise it gets really frustrating.

But it wouldn’t be me if didn’t come up with an alternative. We sail the mainland instead! That seems much easier to me. But before embarking on this trip, I decided to test things out this time. Hence I got myself a freebie yacht and together with my old friend Abraham I went to Hollywood airport, which is right in the middle of the blake sea, a popular sailing region.

The yacht was a disappointment. I did not manage to do anything with it. Then Abi suggested to use his sailing boat. Men! He watches me getting frustrated with the damn thing (to his amusement) and then comes up with: „ Hey I have got one that works!“


Ok, I forgive him this time. So we set sail and took course West towards the Nautilus contingent. We had to cross a huge open water area, and I really mean huge, look at the picture!

 So the nice thing about sailing is this: wherever there are water sims you can travel without restrictions.

Eventually we arrived at Nautilus East Coast and set foot on the mainland. The region we saw first was kinda weird. The owner had hardly nay landscaping done, and instead place lots of strange items and buildings on the land with no obvious strategy or design.

Two of the buildings resemble Hindu temples and the land profil states:

Ganesh/Ganesha is one of the best-known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings, and the Patron of arts and sciences.

If there is anybody form my readers who can shade some light on this, please use the comment form and tell us about this.




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