A secret hideaway: The sex castle in the forest

Today I show you an interesting region I recently discovered. It is called the “Free Sex Forest” and is an ideal hideaway for those who want to experience some intimate time with a partner or for those who want to get more intimate after a successful date.

As the name suggests, the sim is built as a forest with beautiful sceneries. The main attraction is a small but well build castle, featuring a roman bath as well as several different bedrooms with sex animations.

Here is the Taxi:

Here some Shots of the place:

Sex Castle in Second Life

Roman Bath in Second Life

Roman Bath in Second Life

I was actually shown this place by a guy I met whilst visiting a “dogging place” in Second Life. For those non-Brits out there:

Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so. There may be more than two participants; both group sex and gang banging can be included. As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging. The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly or (increasingly) arrange to meet up beforehand over the Internet (Wikipedia).

This is the dogging place:


He suggested exploring this forest sim with obvious intentions. At first I was ok with it, expecting some imaginative role play. But when we got into some action it became extremely weird. Instead of imaginative emotes and such, he started to ask bizarre questions, such as: “When did you last have a cock in your mouth in real life” and: “you do not have a enough sex in real life?”. This killed the thing for me. I stood up and left him and his arousal in the room saying: “Sorry, this doesn’t work for me!”

Come on, does he really think everybody plays Second Life because of lack of sex in real life? In my real life that’s definitely not the case, in fact I have a quit active sex life out of Second Life. So why do I do Slex?

The short answer is: its fun!

More of it is more fun! Does that make me a slut? Yes, it probably does for some people. Do I care? No, I dont!

The longer answer is two folded. First of all I enjoy the role play and the banter that comes with it. It’s just exciting to “be” somebody else and see where the stories (in this case Caroline’s Travels through Second Life) will take me. The second reason is obvious: I am writing a blog with a strong emphasis on adult content – sex adventures in Second Life.

However I do know people who have slex, because they have difficulties to maintain a satisfying sex life in real life. One person I got to know in Second Life is paralyzed and therefore sexually deprived (his own words). Its the one I fucked with here: Sex after sailing.

He still can get an erection and orgasm, but being single and in a wheelchair reduces his possibilities to find sex partners in real life. I think there is nothing wrong about seeking virtual sexual contacts to compensate for the lack of it in real life. Not a reason to make silly statements or to belittle someone, which might well have been the intention of the guy who brought me here.

So, there he was. Left alone horny on the bed (probably with  real life erection too)Shit happens!

I walked out of the room (in underwear) and went downstairs. There I ran into a man who at first sight looked like a text book example of a naked noob! Have a look; surely a déjà vu for most experienced Second Life residents isn’t it?


He basically was fixing his pixel cock and trying to make it work. That was quite funny to watch actually. The problem was that when he uses the cum or/and pee function he would not see anything coming out.  I gave him some ideas how to fix the problem and it actually worked. Its really simple: reattach it, this solves most graphical problems on scripted parts.

I asked him then: “What are you doing here all alone?”. He explained: Well, I come here occasionally to watch couples having sex”.

“You are only watching? Isn’t that a bit boring after a while?”
He explained me that he did try it himself, but it didn’t give him any gratification. Hence the reason he only watches others and he enjoys that. He went on, telling me that this avatar is an ALT, and as he is not into dating, or flirting, he did not pay much attention to his looks.

“Well, I think the reason you did not feel good about sexual encounters in Second Life, is probably you were with the wrong women, “ I continued and smiled provocative. Just having interrupted a date gone south, I was still in the mood for some steamy pixel porn fun. You can imagine it didn’t take me much persuasion to give him some lessons in slex.

Needless to say he changed his opinion about sex in Second Life after a “Caroline-Experience”:




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      1. Nah…I think I’ll stick to crazy 😉
        But the place does look really nice and I appreciate any adult place that doesn’t look like a freebie-store from 2007.

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