The Exam

In my last post I told you about Toni. You remember? If you don’t read about it here: Lessons in love. Toni was the noob who I taught about having sex in Second life. He received theoretical lesson but most importantly we did put it in practice on this beach on the Corsica continent.

However, I also coached him a bit about altering looks and about the importance of a good looking and realistic avatar. Not only that it makes getting laid much easier, but also shows other residents that you take your Second life serious. People relate much better to you when they have this „he is one of us“ feeling about you. This is due to the fact that people come and go in Second Life, but people who invested a bit of time and money in their looks are more likly to actually stay for longer in the virtual world.

Older residents hesitate to friend somebody. who is most likly to vanish within a couple of weeks anyway. Toni took this advise very serious. The next time I met him, he very obviously had done a extensive shopping trip. Everything was different. New skin, new shape, new hair new everything and I mean everything. The noob became a damn good looking resident.

We decided to go out dancing.

I took him to a place called „Tempura Island“. Tempura features a big dance ballroom which still makes people go „wow“. It is one of the oldest regions I know in Second Life. It was build about 7 years ago and it has been a success ever since. Even in times of mesh and multimedia this place remains an attractive hot spot in Second Life, despite of not having changed much since its original opening. It is build in prims only and the dance animations are the old bits and bobs poseballs which we all used prior to the invention of the intan system.

It does nor even a music stream but plays the same tracks via a CD whenever you enter the region. Pretty good choice of music actually. At the time it was build it was probably one of the best builds around and even today it can compete in design and popularity with many modern regions. I called it a classic evergreen region and a must visits for every new resident in Second Life.

Dancing in Tempura

Sex in Tempura Island

Toni was impressed. We had a good time there actually. After a while chating about all kind of stuff, I told him about the famous beautiful gardens surrounding Tempura. Off we went to have a look. Of course my intentions had nothing to do with botanic interests. I wanted to know if he learned his lesson and if he is ready for some hot steaming sex role play. So I took him to a place in the Tempura gardens I wrote about some time ago. My regular readers might remember the tree trunk house.

This is were the exam took place:

Yes he passed the exam. What you think about the new Toni?

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  1. Love Tempura. Many encounters: slex and good old dancing took place there. Under the big house there are many cozy places to have fun.


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