Sex Parties in 3DXChat

Usually it is thrown upon to do „colds“ in 3DXChat. What is that? Well, when you click on another avatar you can send that person an invite to become temporary a sex partner, or a potential sex partner. If you accept such invite you can use sex animations together.

A „cold“ is, when you send such invite without prior chat. It is very similar to a Friends invitation in Second Life.

As you probably can imagine, it scan be very agitating to receive several such invitation from strangers, when just dancing in a club or chatting with somebody.

However, there is a number of people in 3DXChact you really don’t care much about chatting and socializing. The want to get down to it. Finding quickly sex partners and get into action there and then, without much talking.

Where do you find those? Well, obviously not at so much at the usual public places, such as the Fresco discotheque or the beach. They organize sex parties in their private apartments. Its actually easy to organize. You simply decorate your apartment so it fits the theme, then you share access with the public. Next to the list of public places, you find those places listed, share by their respective owners. The name or title of the place usually gives you a quite explicit clue, what is supposed to be going on there.

I had to check them out of course. It wouldn’t be me without at least trying once. I was in a sexy mood anyway, and curious what to expect there. Said and done, I did a “pup crawl”, meaning to visits several apartments which had “cold accepted, no chat just sex” or something similar in their description.

This is exactly what happens there. No chat but instant invitations for sex there and then, almost on arrival. Believe it or not, but I can not remember with how many guys I fucked that night. Maybe eight or ten?

I don’t know.

I do however remember, one was a reader of this blog who just joined 3dXChat. He was a bit star struck at first, when he saw me there giving somebody a blow job. But he opened up quickly after I invited him to participate in a little threesome.

Brings me to an idea actually. What about a fan party at my apartment in 3dXChat? Please leave a comment here if you would like to come (to cum). Please mention if you would prefer this to be a social open end gathering or a “colds accept” straight forward sex party.

Don’t forget to mention your in-game name, usual online times and a few lines about yourself. Looking forward to a great Second Life Adventures -Readers party. If there is enough interest, I organize that and tell you time and name of the place.

As usually comments appreciated. Tell us what you think about “clods”, cold accept parties. Are you the spontaneous “lets just do it person”, or the “get to know you first” type? Tell us about it.

Of course I did not forget to make some pictures from my little sex party round trip for you guys:

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  1. I absolutely would like to be part of such a party! I don’t have usual play times, but I’d try my best to be available for it. I know the annoying Atlantic Ocean makes this difficult.

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