What Pools are for in Second Life

Some time ago I met Jesse. We have a friend in common who advised him to contact me. Hence we arranged to meet in Tomuli´s Restaurant on Corsica. He really needed some advise. Jesse was a Second Life Resident many years ago but left due to a disappointing SL Relationship. He recently decided to give it a Second try. Second Life that is, not a relationship.

The problem he faced was, that Second Life changed a lot. He was confused about how people now interact, were to go, what the heck mesh is and so forth! Everything is different. Many places gone, many new places opened and it became all so big.

So here we go again: Semi-Noob coaching. We talked a lot about all kind of things, about attitudes in Second Life, relationships, clothing, shopping and of course: Sex in Second Life. No, nothing further happened that day. In fact he was very gentleman like, almost distant and appreciated to have somebody to talk to, to get orientation in today’s Second Life.

We have met several times after this and it was interesting to observe how he developed his virtual self. He completely changed his avatar to look like a 2014 Second Life resident, with good taste actually. He rented land, got a huge house which he showed me a couple of weeks ago:


and obviously embarked on the steamier side of Second Life too.

How do I know? Because of a very funny incident the other day:

I was hanging out at the Dirty Dive, as I do once in while. The Dirty Dive is a well know pick-up place for interactive pixel porn, a place for quick and dirty sexual encounters. There I saw him standing in the croud naked and with a pixel erection.

I send him an IM: “Hey Jess, looks like you are after some naughty fun here.”
He replied: “What makes you think that?”
Me: “Well you stand here naked with an erection, that says enough my friend”
Him: “Oh my God, I am logged in on my mobile phone to chat, I don’t even know were I am, how embarrassing this is. I will TP home right away.
Me. “Dont worry, its not the first time I see such.
Him: “Yes , but I didnt exepect to run into a friend this way. This is were and how I logged out the last time, I didn’t even remember!”

I was laughing my socks off. So: here a lesson for you noobs out there: Make sure you leave Second Life at a place that doesn’t cause you embarrassment when login in again and make sure you are in appropriate attire.


Yesterday I was exploring the USS Nimitz, as described in my previous post. After I finished my research, I saw Jesse being online. I invited him over to show him this impressive ship (and to make fun of him again, because of the above).

We decided to fly around blake sea a bit, as he never experienced aviation in Second Life. But it wasn’t my day actually. I crashed the plane twice and decided to call it a day. So we stood there where the last incident happened and I asked.

“Ok, what are we doing now, any suggestions?”, “Well, I guess you are tired of exploring now. What about hanging up somewhere , relax and chat a bit. There are three places I can suggestion: a forest I discovered recently, a art gallery or we simply go to my place, plenty of possibilities to sit down there.
I smiled, having an idea what he was up to. So I replied: “Ok, lets go to your place then.”

His house is actually a quite big skybox, with a beach in front of it, palm trees and cool surroundings. And it got a big pool!. When we arrived I changed to beach wear and went straight to the pool. Now this pool is not for swimming. Its not deep enough for that and its animation are for a totally different purpose.

You know were this is going, don’t you?

It didn’t take long for us to sit together in the water and him starting to touch me using emotes like (good example of how to use emotes in encounters like this):

carolinestravels opens her bikini top and lets it slide into the pool, exposing her breast
JesseJamessmiles ear to ear as you do so, his hands run slowly over your midriff and up to your soft supple breasts and her begins to gently caress them
carolinestravels smiles intrigued and says: “you like what you see?”
[esseJames nos as he kneads your breasts lightly grazing your nipples with his fingertips in passing. his leans in and softly kisses your shoulder blade
carolinestravels leans back on him and lets her hand slide over his legs
JesseJames continues to explore your body as you lean into him. he begins to kiss slowly up your neck as he bscomes more and more aroused
carolinestravels turns her head a little and whispers: “you always fancied this with me right?”
JesseJamesgrins and chuckles “what give you that idea?”
carolinestravels: just a thought

What followed is best explain with pictures. This is what pools are for in Second Life:


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  1. A very well written story and great pictures. Using a pool this way seems way more relaxing.
    I had to gigle as I read about your friends misadvnture. I should have read that earlier, would have saved me embarassment.

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