The Sex Test

The Sex Test

One of my regular readers booked me for a somewhat unusual encounter. He is in the escort business himself. Yes, a male escort. At first I could not image, that there is a demand for that. However apparently he is actually making Lindens escorting women in Second Life. Enough to be able to afford a piece of land with a huge mansion on it.

Why did he want to book a escort girl, you might be wondering? He wanted an evaluation or my opinion on his looks, his emotes his virtual sex skills. Basically to get an „experts“ evaluation with the goal to improve his own abilities.

Fine with me, of course. It took us a while to find the right timing, until we finally met. I was waiting at the bar in his home in hot lingerie, as I do when meeting a client. It feels weird for some reason to go to an explicit sex date.

He arrived little later, an we went upstairs to the bedroom. First he wanted my opinion about his avatar:


In my opinion, he is a little to tall and he could tone down those really broad shoulders. Sometimes a little less is more and looks more realistic. Other than that he is really good looking – what you Think?

Then we did it:

Sex Evaluation

Sex Evaluation

Finally I gave him my opinion. There were a couple of things which need improvement. I will share them with you, for you to learn from it too.

Use good animations

He had a sex menu in the bed, which was probably made at least 5 years ago. Back then sex animations were not as diverse, and not as realistic as most animations nowadays. The best thing to do is, do not rely on furniture animation but buy a sex hud instead.

I personally prefer those huds which make the transition between different poses and animations smooth and realistic. I just don’t like it very much , when the avatars jump from one animation to another including hanging in the air for a second or two.

In addition: If someone even pays for sex, I would imagine she would expect a bit of „visual quality“, don’t you think so?

I showed him the animations I use, when we were back in the bar:

Quality sex animations

Quality sex animations

Control your parts

How silly does it look, when you emote penetrating her pussy but what you see on the screen is a guy screwing the furniture. So make sure you get the right angle and have your cock were it belongs.


Take your time for imaginative emoting

I wrote about that one an article some time ago. Well worth the read here
Emotes like: „He takes of all her cloth and tosses them in the corner“, is not very imaginative.


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    Alexa Rich 2 years

    Wich HUD do you use? There are millions of them on the marketplace, and i simply don’t know which is the right choice…

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