Mister and Misses Jones – Part 2

Mister and Misses Jones – Part 2

Did you read part 1 about how I met Mr. and Mrs. Jones? You should before you carry on reading.

A few days after my visit at the Jones’ home, I had this very revealing conversation with her. She told me that he actually dropped her once after he found out that she was sleeping with his best friend behind his back. He doesn’t really trust her ever since in that aspect and believes she is fucking with every man in Second Life she can possibly get.

She does fuck behind his back. She openly admitted it to me and she has a plan. A good plan I believe. It involves showing him, that there is nothing wrong with being promiscuous. She wants him to experience how exciting, arousing and even fulfilling it can be to have a more diverse sex life in a virtual world. She wants to be with him, but she also wants to live her fantasies or even better: sharing them with him. In short: she wants to seduce him to live the swinger lifestyle and a more open relation, accepting her being very promiscuous.

I was part of the plan! I was the bait!

Limmy Jones fancies me a lot. After our encounter at their home even more so. In fact he was crazy for me. He contacted me a few days after and wanted to see me again – alone.

That is when Stephanie Jones said to me: “I want you to sleep with him. He really likes you and I want you to make him happy.”

She was online as well. But did not want to see him. Shopping was the excuse. What she really wanted, was him to fuck with other women, for her to have his consent for little sex escapades with other men from time to time. Well, actually not just from time to time. I have reason to believe, that she is as much of a slut as I am. Nothing wrong with that from my perspective.

He was to get seduced to do exactly that. Prior to this, she even gave me advise what to wear. Apparently he has got “a thing” about nylons. Hence I got myself some of those and had her judging my looks.

I agreed to see him and suggested a little sailing trip. He was very happy to see me again. I realized how much he likes me. After a while sailing along the shores of blake sea, I decided to do a little break at an island.

We sat on the deck together and talked about their relationship and how a swinger lifestyle could potentially improve their Second Life. The topic went a lot around sex. He told me how much he enjoyed our recent encounter and that he wants to repeat that, because he desires me a lot.

I started to tease and pose a bit, asking if he actually likes what he sees and started getting a bit touchy. At first he was a bit withdrawn, probably not sure if it is the right thing to take this any further. However he was not able to resist very long. There was no way back, the point of no return was reached when I was giving him one of my very special blow jobs right there on the boat.


He apparently thruw over board any apprehensions, concerns and definitely lost any restraints he might have had until this point and let himself fall for me and enjoy me with dedication, having wild and passionate sex right there on my yacht. First on the deck, where I was riding his cock in several positions, then we moved on into the cabin where he took me over and over again, till he finally erupted and did cum hard in me, filling my pussy with his juices.

Stephanie knew about it all the time. Actually I made pictures of us fucking our brains out and send them to her, for her to enjoy and for her to prove that we actually did it there and then. She was pleased.

“I wish Stephanie would have been here to watch too, she would have enjoyed this very much”, he remarked.

I simply smiled and said: “I am sure she would”.

The trap closed!

In the next article. We will take this to the next level

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