Sharing is Caring? Cuckolds in Second Life

I recently met up with yet another follower of my blog. Jamie is much into what is commonly referred to as „cuckold“. A cuckold originally is a man who has been cheated by his wife. That is what the purest form is. However, this term has been combined with the word COUPLE to indicate that the spouse not only has knowlege of the affair but approves of it when done in their presence.

In essence, a couple who likes to watch and have their spouse watching while they are engaged in the sexual act with someone else. This practice is not uncommon and is frequently found in swingers circles (places where both the husbands and the wives switch partners).

Its practice which to man people is at least arousing if not sexually satisfying. Often it is combined with elements from BDSM (which Jamie does not like).

Ok, I really did want to dig deeper into this and as always by own experience not by research. The only problem: I don’t have such a relationship in Second Life and I probably never will, hence I am not really able to give this a try myself. Or at least not to the fullest.

Jamie explained however, it is not mandatory to have a husband or a stable relationship. One can enjoy this also with somebody close, like a close friend. It won’t be the same maybe, but at least gives you a feel for it.

It didn’t take long and a situation occurred which allowed me to do start this new adventure of mine in a light way. Call it testing the water so to speak. It was when I showed Melchior our new house in the blake sea where I just finished decorating the kitchen. I am sure you remember Melchior. He is the closest to what could eventually be called some sort of relationship from all my friends (Abi apparently left Second Life).

It wasn’t just to show Melchior the kitchen of course. I actually dressed in my white cardigan and nothing else with obvious intentions. That is the way he got to know me, back then on Paradise Beach and I know he loves that outfit very much – see main pic for reference.

Of course it didn’t take long and we embraced on each other. Then I had an idea:

How about inviting Jamie over to watch us? Melchior had no objections. Said and done. During the entire encounter, he was sitting in the main room and watching us and of course reading the action in open chat. It is actually very special, when someone watches, maybe not for everyone, but certainly for an exhibitionist like myself.



Afterwards, I asked Melchior: “How would you feel about watching me getting fucked by somebody else?” – “Well, he responded, “Would be worth a try, especially when I have you too before or after”.

Alright then, this is setting the ground for my next adventures!

For now I have a question to my readers: Did you ever have experience with cuckolding and if so, how did you feel about it. As always , please leave the answer in the comments below.

Of course, I also brought you some pictures from my new kitchen:
Look how detailed everything is….the KITCHEN that is!

If you want that same kitchen, here is the link to marketplace:

One thought on “Sharing is Caring? Cuckolds in Second Life”

  1. An interesting take on cuckolding, although I’ve found the experience to be much more exhilerating when the cuckold in some way doesn’t (openly) want their significant other to cheat on them. My wife and I met under those circumstances … she was the girlfriend of another woman when we met and she was casually “offered” to me by the other woman as a fun swinger thing. Well, my future wife and I hit it off like mad and had some of the most passionate, fulfilling sexual experiences either of us had enjoyed in months, and just kept meeting again and again while her girlfriend was away for a long time. When the girlfriend finally showed up again, my future wife openly taunted her about how she’d enjoyed having such great sex with me for the past two weeks, she “no longer needed” her girlfriend!

    There’s a lot of unique experiences for all parties involved here. For the cuckold girlfriend, she felt the thrill of submission that came from a sense of inadequacy while I felt the excitement of power and dominance that came from not only banging someone else’s girl but enchanting her so deeply she broke her bonds of commitment. And for my future wife, she enjoyed the combination of upgrading her sex life and bragging about it! The whole situation might sound unfair to the cuckold except she really was getting off on the entire experience, even though she lost her girlfriend.

    For me, that’s a cuckold relationship … while what you’ve described here sounds like just a typical “watch us have sex while all of us consent to and enjoy this experience equally” swinger scenario. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that! I love it to pieces! But that type of scenario seems to be so popular on SL, that the type of cuckolding experience I’ve described above are almost impossible to find. 🙁

    All the same, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. And it’s so nice to read about cuckolding that isn’t tainted by racist overtones. <3

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