Introducing a New Story Line: Sheraka The Naughty Teenager

Being a small celebrity in Second Life has it’s downsides.

No, I am not talking about stalkers, nor about fan-mail. I actually enjoy the later. It is also totally fine with me, when my readers say hello when they see me on the grid. I met some nice people that way even made friends.

So what are you talking about you might wonder.

Well, let me put it this way: When I first started this blog, stories developed naturally. I met people and things happened which were the basis for my story in Second Life Adventures. Nowadays that is not as easy as it used to be, simply because:

  • I am too well known on the grid
  • I am kinda stuck in the role of the porn media producer
  • I have got stuff to do
  • I am hanging up with the same people most of the time

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with all of the above. I love  my friends, I love the role and being somewhat famous isn’t a bad feeling either.

However it makes two things difficult:

  1. Investigative journalism

People tend to be very cautious about what they do or say, knowing that its probably going to be on a popular adult blog.

2. Fresh exciting adventures

I am the naughty media producer and escort girl. That’s it. Yes, there are sometimes exciting sex adventures to write about, but always from the same angle and perspective.

It gets boring, doesn’t it?

Come on, tell me the truth. Whenever you come to this blog, you already know what to expect – more or less. At least in recent months,

Time for a new story line!

Today I want to introduce you to yet another me.

It is Sheraka. See feature image on top of the post? That is her.  I used her for my under cover investigation about ageplay:

Child Pornography and Pedophile Behavior in Second Life?

Ever since Sheraka has grown up. Easy to do in Second Life. Another shape, another body and just like magic the 12 year old girl turns 18 within a few minutes.

Yes, I know. If I write about her adventures, eventually people will find out it is me again. Happened to Charleen as well. But hey, that’s ok. Until such time, she will entertain you with her stories and her adventures. I will actually create a separate category for her too.

The setup of the character:

Sheraka is a teenager. She goes to school actually, to the Rocky Valley High school. She actually loves that school. Not because of classes and such. No, because Sheraka is a wild girl. She loves sex and school is her hunting ground. Sometimes she even brings in other teenager, which she met for example on a beach, just because sex at school is so much fun.

Sheraka became part of a family. A very loving family actually. Her dad really cares for his 4 daughters and his wife. Sometimes his brother visits them and joins the family fun.

I guess you know were this is going, don’t you?

And yes, It might be a bit disturbing. I will try to write about this topic very neutral. I will not be judgmental – not good, not bad. Just showing you what is actually happening, what some people enjoy doing in Second Life.

In addition Sheraka got approached for a job. Yes, in the adult industry, you will read about that in the following articles. It will show you that business from a different perspective.

Instead it is from the perspective of the founder of a media start up company, from the perspective of a teenager taking on a job offer.

I have actually collected quite some stuff for this. Been working on it since a few weeks. The reason I was holding it back till now is: I wanted to be ahead a bit before actually going public with it. That way I have stuff before people involved realize: Hey, it is that blogger bitch again.

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