Sin Tracker – Capture and Rape Play in Second Life

Sin Tracker – Capture and Rape Play in Second Life

Yes, I am using Sin Tracker. For those who don’t know what that is: SIN-Tracker is designed for adult role-play: it allows users to easily find play partners, wherever they may be in Second Life. Whenever you wear the Sin tracker hud, your avatar becomes vulnerable. That means „trackers“ may find, capture and abuse you the way they decide to.

Here is where you get it (requires log-in):

I am wearing the hud with all my outfits automatically. The reason being is simple: It makes my Second Life a bit dangerous. It is exciting to know that anytime I could get kidnapped by a complete stranger. In another words: It turns the whole grid into an adventure.

However, having said that, I do expect people to actually make an effort. Nothing is more annoying than a tracker who simply clicks on „force teleport“ and transports you anywhere on the grid, especially when you are doing something different at the moment.

That’s why I make clear in my profile pics, that I do not accept sudden force tp and drugging me in the middle of a club with people around is not very realistic either. Think about it: Would anyone walk into a full bar, drug one of the guest and kidnapped her? I don’t think so.

It is actually very seldom that somebody gives it a try on me. If so, I am pretty good at telling who is a tracker and who is not. Hence I escape most of the times and those who did not bother to read my profile and force TP me from somewhere else on the grid, I simply TP away again, block them and put them on the black list. Of course after explicitly telling them what my opinion about their stupid behavior is.

The other day, somebody actually succeeded.

It was at Parris Airport when was laying around (see lead picture for reference) chatting with clients and kinda waiting for Leo to log-in for us to continue the sailing trip from here. Suddenly in open chat said: “Good morning, its a nice day isn’t it Lady”. I was looking around and saw nobody around. I checked the mini map to see where that person is. Saw him n the ocean in front of me coming closer. Another sailor, I assumed and said: “ Ahoy, I see you are sailing this waters too”.

He came closer and said: “Unfortunately that is not my intention”. Seconds later I was laying their drugged (your screen gets dark when that is done to you). He caught be totally by surprise, which is what the idea behind this is anyway.

He took me to a rough place (at that stage force TP is acceptable), bound me to a chair. He adjusted a camera, obviously wanted to keep his successful hunt on a video. The role-play following was about me to surrender, and making sure he gets done fast and releases me. I told him I wont scream or suffer. As an escort girl I am used to get fucked by strangers, but he should not expect me to get exited either.

He stripped me out of my cloth and had his way with me there and then. He did cum rather quick as expected.

Anyone into this? Please tell us your stories here in the comments or provide a link if you happen to write about similar adventures yourself.


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    Ivy 2 years

    I’m looking for something like that but I have things I need to wear to enjoy sex so I don’t want to remove those things. Mostly just sexy outfits to stockings/boots things that can stay on. So it’s difficult for me to find guys into what I want to wear. I mean it’s way easy if I go to sex sims but even then I think a lot of them just say they like it to use animations with me. It would be more fu. To find people in non sex sims and guys with actual nice places to take me to do it, instead of back to the same old same boring sex sims. I want to try that hud but like I said I’m seeking specifics with how I dress and what I am I to too. Any suggestions?

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    jerome 2 years

    Try it with your real life partner

  • comment-avatar
    Ivy 2 years

    Don’t have one

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    Jay 2 years

    I guessing it mostly women avatars that are the victims with the sin tracker, but do many men avatars take the place of the victim?

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