Sofa talks … and more

Dear Caroline’s readers,

this time I did not went too far from here, what I mean by “here” is this blog. After several failed attempts to join a party at Caroline’s Swinger Mansion, I finally succeeded. Sometimes the easiest tasks take a lot of time. Off course I am going to report here what happened during this event and what were my feelings during this brand new experience.

The first important point to note is that the party, or the event as I call it, was completely un-planned. I landed at the Mansion and saw that Caroline was there, comfortably installed in a sofa discussing with a seductive man I did not know. Did I mention that Carol was naked in her sofa ? No … well she was actually, in a different look than the one I knew her, but definitely stark naked and apparently completely comfortable with this. She nicely invited me to sit and introduced her handsome friend Dainiz. I learnt during the discussion that Dainiz is an active member at Caroline’s Swinger Mansion but is also one of the investors in the club. They discussed for some time about the communication strategy to adopt to get more traffic at the Mansion, and well, I was a bit lost, and to be honest, who I am to give advices on that matter, when you know I successfully missed all past events … seriously ?

Coming out of the blue Caroline proposed Dainiz and myself to join her in her state of undress (she is a very surprising person). Dainiz accepted the offer, as if Caroline had proposed another cup of coffee … and soon, the naked, but still handsome Dainiz, sat next to me and resumed the conversation as if nothing happened. So easy! I was now the only dressed person and off course Caroline asked if I would like to undress as well. Actually I did not want to look silly, we were in a swinger club, weren’t we ? So, off course I willingly accepted and one minute later, it was my turn to sit, in my birth suit, on the elegant sofa. We were just having a sort of nudist gathering in the middle of a classical and beautiful living room. If you never went to the Mansion, you might not know, but believe me, it’s a very classy place, undressing here can make you feel … out of place.


Dainiz is a beautiful man, but he is also a philosopher of SecondLife, and he has developped an interesting theory in his own blog. I would not detail it here, it would be ridiculously pretentious to try to sum-up his work in a few lines, and moreover this is pointless for this article. I really advise you to read it (start maybe by his guest article), I found it quite interesting and it clarified some of the questions I had about my interactions and behaviors into SecondLife.

As Dainiz was exposing his views, we were joined by two new guests: a man and a woman. They very quickly adopted our dress code (should I say undress code?) and participated in the discussion. The woman (I learnt later her name was Danni) sat next to Caroline, and the man who was named Super, sat in front of me and Dainiz. We were now a significant gathering of nudists don’t you think ? And all this was spontaneous, this is what was so surprising.


Caroline seemed to loose her focus on the general chat at some point: I understood it was because she was getting “involved” with Danni. Everything started with some cuddles but soon the two of them were kissing each other and… engaging in serious foreplays if I can say it this way.


It felt a bit weird at first, because we continued to chat normally while the two women were freely engaging into a sexual activity in front of us. Well, this is how I felt at the beginning, because soon I started to think I would actually like to experience that too … this non-standard situation was actually arousing me. I think Dainiz probably felt it or noticed my change of spirit, whoever knows how, a philosopher magic power maybe ? However he started to whisper in my ear some nice words, and I let him know that I found him very attractive. He smiled and invited me to a dance in front of the fireplace. Believe me, it is something to dance, your skin bare, warmed by the power of the fire. I enjoyed this experience a lot … but I wanted more and Dainiz knew it, for the good reason he wanted more as well.


Our dance changed, it became a love dance, we were moving and seducing each others … and soon our body started to take the lead in the communication. I felt his warm and soft hands caressing my face, my neck, my back, my buttocks … he drove me crazy. At this moment, I only wanted to kiss him and make love right here in front of the fireplace. The presence of the others around, well I did not care … or most honestly I cared, it was an extra turn-on. I don’t exactly when, because I did not pay attention, but Caroline, Danni and Super left the room and went to the next room and I knew they were going to do what Dainiz and I were about to do: love! And so we did!

Dainiz has been a fantastic lover, I made real virtual sex with him, we communicated truly and honestly our desires and our passion … and knowing the others were having fun in the next room drove me absolutely crazy. I know this is very common in a swinger club, but this was my discovery that day: making love around others involved in this exact same activity is arousing me.

We stayed with Dainiz together a long time after Caroline and her lovers have left … enjoying the peace and the calm of the club. We had it all for ourselves, what a wonderful moment. We finally parted, but we decided to meet another time … Dainiz proposed me to visit his estate next time we see each others. Off course I accepted. And I went to visit it later that same day, but this is another story.


Will I return to Caroline’s Swinger Mansion ? Certainly ! I feel there are a lot of rare and erotic moments to live there, and there is no way I will miss them … I might miss some events still, I am definitely not good at arriving on time.



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